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Funny Facebook Pages For You To Like And Laugh At

Updated on March 28, 2013

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With Facebook comes laughter and with laughter comes more laughter. Facebook has given us an endless supply of funny pages that is still increasing due to popular demand. From witty, thought provoking jokes, to funny celebrities that are famous for all the wrong reasons, there’s a page for almost everything funny you could like. Here are the names of some funny Facebook pages that will surely make you LOL.

Funny things we often find ourselves doing...

  • “When someone’s washing the dishes & you slowly put your plate into the sink” – Not so funny for those who routinely wash dishes.
  • “Not being on fire” – I guess I’d be stating the obvious if I said this page was a joke.
  • “Drunken conversations with Taxi Drivers”
  • “I Need To Stop Becoming A Fan For Every Fan Page That Relates To Me” - 526,990 people like this
  • “The extremely awkward moment when someone says ‘hi’ and you say ‘good’”
  • “Saving a file as “dyjjyggffj”, because I’m too lazy to write a proper name”
  • “Watching the bouncing DVD logo and waiting for it to hit a corner” – I have to say I found it funny when I saw Homer enjoying this on his TV in an episode of The Simpsons.

Funny Facebook Celebrities

  • “New Moon: The story of a girls choice between Beastiality and Necrophilia.” – Funny words for those who have taken distaste to Twighlight.
  • “Poor Justin Bieber everyone picks on her” – Well at least someone understands her…
  • “Can CHUCK NORRIS get more fans than there are people on earth?!” - With 1,990 likes so far the target isn’t far off, well, at least not for Chuck Norris…
  • “Kevin Bridges” – A Scottish comedian who is proving to be popular amongst his own.
  • “Randy Marsh” – Arguably the funniest character in the Southpark TV comedy.
  • “Mr Bean” – Possibly the most unconsciously awkward TV character around taking the term ‘situation comedy’ to the next hilarious level. Also starring in “Bean” (1997), “Mr. Bean’s Vacation” (2007). “Rat Race” (2001) is also recommendable.
  • “The Stig” – Famous star of ‘Top Gear’ who has a racy taste for danger. Some say he was born in the back of a Lamborghini Murcielago…

More Funny Facebook Pages

  • “Dear Pringles, I cannot fit my hand inside your tube of deliciousness.” – This issue is not funny nor is it a laughing matter. All across the world people’s hands are getting stuck in Pringles tubes and there is yet to be any sign of legislative action.
  • “I’ve seriously thought about what to do if there was a Zombie Apocalypse.” – The number of likes on this page no doubt follows the same trend as the number of people who’ve been traumatized by zombie movies.
  • “Very Hungry Caterpillar” – This favorite children’s book has sold 30 million copies worldwide which is an equivalent of one per minute since its publication. That’s not even funny.
  • And for those funny people who enjoy testing the integrity of their own sanity - “When my bowling ball is rolling I try to use the force to direct it!”

All of these random pages and other funny pages can be found on the Random Funny Pages Facebook page. What will they think of next? Take a look.

A Neat Collection of Funny Facebook Pages

Beware of the laughter. These funny Facebook pages may cause some extreme cases of hilarity and back slapping hysterics. So without further hesitation, take a dive into this crazy complex of fantastic lists, and enjoy a splendid collection of the best funny Facebook pages.

Click here to witness the magic - funny Facebook pages

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