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Funny Facebook Status - Funny Status

Updated on August 10, 2011

Funny Facebook Statuses

As you may know from some of my previous hubs I've made collections of funny Facebook status messages before but I decided I wanted to keep up-dating my lists to help people find fresh funny status messages so they can impress their friends.

A stale Facebook status quote can actually work against you if your friends have already seen it before or even used it themselves, you could find comments underneath saying 'that ones ten years old' or 'don't copy my status!'.

You can find funny Facebook statuses on articles such as my 'Richie & Giovanni's' status' and on other people's hubs but there are also websites that offer fresh statuses with categories including 'Animal statuses' or 'Love statuses'.

Funny Facebook Status Messages

Often we see funny Facebook status messages that relate to the current events at the time, for example, I am reading statuses that refer to the London riots that have been occurring now in August 2011. Obviously there is nothing funny about people's lively hoods being destroyed but humor is often people's way of dealing with frightening ordeals.

  • Waterstone's book store manager sent me an SMS this evening saying to be in work as usual tomorrow, if we stay open and they steal some books they might actually learn something!
  • May we point out that we do not in any way condone the violent attacks in London and hope they catch the buggers as soon as possible so they can stop shutting the bloody pub so damn early!
  • Aldi's on the Old Kent Road - first time the place has had more than five people in there at the same time!
  • I was in Peckham today when I noticed a man running with a chicken tikka masala. He got the wrong idea when his mate said lets go rob Currys. LOL
  • eBay ending soon
    10 pairs of Nike trainers various sizes
    Samsung flat screen out of packaging also no remote
    and a couple of Ralph Laurens shirts that are still a bit damp from a splash of water
    5mis 54secs

Photo courtesy of eggnara

Witty Facebook Status

More London riots and Tottenham riots Facebook status messages from August 2011

  • Did you hear about the new Spurs striker? Grabatelly.
  • When I saw all the chavs rioting on Tottenham high street I found a safe place to hide where I knew they wouldn't go. The job centre.
  • Police arrest 18 looters at Enfield Argos. All found waiting in foyer for their stuff from the warehouse
  • Theres only one person who can sort these riots out thats the main man himself... Jeremy Kyle
  • The London Riots have spread to Islington, the rioters are now throwing picnic boxes, glasses of cava and smoked salmon canapes

Photo courtesy of eggnara

More London Riots Statuses

Even more London riots statuses:

  • The thugs are using Blackberrys to arrange meeting places for riots. If only we had a Media outlet who could maybe tap into those phones..
  • Confusion in Tottenham this morning, as the rioters who torched a post office at the weekend turn up wanting to collect their benefits.
  • Did I miss a weather warning? I've just been watching the news and everyone is wearing hoods, scarfs and balaclavas.
  • wondering if David Cameron still wants to 'hug a hoody'?

Although these terrible event's are still on going in the UK, I myself being affected since me and my friend are too scared to go to nightclubs this weekend, we have tried not to focus on the negative news reports and these light hearted Facebook statuses are circulating around. I have also set up a funny Facebook status blog for people looking for relief.

Photo courtesy of eggnara


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