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Do you know what people search for?

Updated on March 1, 2013
Search Bar from her computer
Search Bar from her computer | Source

Power Tool

It has always intrigued me on the subject of "What People Search For" on the world wide web to look up information. It could be as simple as a location, people, products, businesses, phone numbers and that's just a few to name off hand. The Internet as we know it, is a broadcast of technology that became more resourceful then ever. For example, today's generations are searching information on the Internet for book projects, spellings and/or definition of a word verses the previous generations that resorted to encyclopedias and the Webster dictionary. This all falls under "What People Search For" in the bar menu on their browsers. I'm no expert nor do I claim to be here, just basing this information through my researches, knowledge and the generation I was brought into. On that note, I'm writing this to see if anyone else out there wonders "What People Search For".

Technology has come a long way since the Internet first was accessible. Back then, people were very limited to what could be accessed through the Internet compared to the information that is accessible nowadays. Which always brings me back to "What People Search For" whether it's, humorous, family, recipes, games, pets, social networking, home remedies, product information, addresses; department stores and the list again goes on and on. But , what really intrigued me the most, is in that little white box of the search engine when you go to type the search item how it shows what other people most commonly search to complete your words in the pop down box.

my desk top & dictionary
my desk top & dictionary | Source

In the Beginning of Technology

Lets take a travel back into time when the Intranet (internal private computer network) was first introduced. The Intranet was strictly accessible for government protocols and large enterprises. Back then, it was used to collect possible data for research institutions upon other computers about a facility. Those early years the web was strictly used for informational display only. This era was way before the first browser or the World Wide Web took place. It wasn't until the 1990's through 2000 year era that the internet (a network of more than billion computers spread worldwide) grew greatly and truly began as we all know it today.

Internet Timeline

Electronic Email
FTP Sites
TCP/IP Designed
World Wide Web
Dial Up internet Access
Hyper Links
Mosaic-dominant navigating system
Millions of websites online
Graphical User Interface
DNS Established
this is just a sample for visual

Logging On

Simply amazing- how its a part of life now on how we use our desktops, phones, tablets, laptops and kindles due to the advance stages of technology these days.Every one logs onto some type of device(s) to either use the following:

  • social network
  • emails
  • websites
  • entertainment
  • business of some sort.

Which brings me back to "What People Search For", how powerful that the search bar really is and what it comes up with-- will astonish you.

Key Words

In your search box- as you continue typing out exactly what you are seeking there are key words that the search engine is tuning in on to complete and narrow down your question in your search.

(I.E.) what, where, when, why, are, how, much, more and many.

Programmers for these search engines already implemented these key words into their programs to make the average user spend less time seeking a particular question but just not able to ask it correctly.

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My final thoughts are:

No matter how goofy, technical, inquisitive or need to know how question, this search box is the most powerful tool of knowledge and suggestions of completed thoughts for everyone. Wouldn't you agree? As long as a person has access to the Internet browser, they will have a gateway of information at their finger tips.

One click of the mouse then some fingers on the keyboards typing away. Boom, you have access.

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