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Funny Internet Meme Quotes for Pics

Updated on December 15, 2015
Funny Memes Tumblr
Funny Memes Tumblr

funny Memes Picture Quotes

Meme pictures, comics, videos, animated gifs, and artwork are the most viral trend on the internet nowadays. The following list of funny meme quotes can make you popular on the Internet. So start your fun right now and generate your own meme pics with the following hilarious quotes for memes. You can choose a meme character like Y U NO guy, Futurama Fry, Philosoraptor, Trollface, Bad luck Brian, etc and generate your free meme stuff from these top online meme generator sites.

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2) DIY LoL

3) Know your meme

Funny Memes Quote

  1. That awkward moment when people mistake your PS3's remote play signal as an internet WiFi signal!
  2. I just realized that all the popular shows on AMC right now, Walking dead, breaking bad, and Mad Men, all make you really hate the wife of the main characters.
  3. That awkward moment when poor internet connection prevents you from being the first to comment on an interesting post!
  4. I just fell down an Internet rabbit hole that ended with me scrolling through Justin Bieber Instagram feed and now I hate the world.
  5. The awkward moment when you write something philosophical and then find out the internet got there first.
  6. There are so many girls on Instagram that I follow and I think to myself “You are gorgeous!!" Then when I get down to it, I'm like "I bet you look really dumb in real life."
  7. That awkward moment when they're pictures of your girlfriend all over the internet...
  8. I hate it when people judge others for being too skinny. Sorry, you're jealous because you don’t have my awesome metabolism.
  9. That awkward moment when you realize you can tell a story about someone you don't really know just because you've internet stalked them...
  10. I made a new website for people who hate Instagram.
  11. That awkward moment when Hulk Hogan, Velvet Sky and Bully Ray Dudley send you a friend request...... All at the same time!
  12. I hate that I get into my feelings when I find out somebody I know isn't following me back on Instagram.
  13. That awkward moment when you are computer illiterate in a room with a bunch of techies and, while the techies were scratching their heads about the internet problem, you magically stumble upon the solution due to a freak accident.
  14. I'm sick and tired of seeing people that think they're skaters when they have only just started skating because they are using it to get girls or as a fashion sense. Wake up you moronic pricks and sees that it is a sport and not a fashion sense.
  15. That awkward moment when I realize I am browsing the internet on my phone while sitting at my desk with 2 large displays.
  16. I hate when ratchet chicks have more followers on Instagram than me.
  17. I can see Facebook as Republicans and Twitter, Instagram, and Path as the Democrats.
  18. The awkward moment when you are using the internet, but you don't know what to do?
  19. That awkward moment you watch accidentally watch a Youtube video about your girlfriend gets a fight with another girl and you don't know what to do.
  20. Those awkward moments when you're helping a guest speaker connect to the Internet on his tablet and an adult site pops up.
  21. That awkward moment when you're walking to lunch and you realize you forgot to put on deodorant in the morning and decide to share this publicly using an internet meme that really annoys you for some reason!
  22. That awkward moment when your phone starts calling random people!
  23. How to get someone you hate really angry at you? Find their ex-boyfriend, become really good friends with them, take lots of pictures together, post them on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter and wait for the drama spiral.
  24. That awkward moment when you realize you've spent the last 4 hours looking at funny pictures on the internet in an attempt to cheer yourself up.

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  • I don't know whether to unfriend, unsubscribe, or get off Facebook altogether. My news feed is full of junk and I hate it.
  • The awkward moment where I have better Internet reception at work than in my house!
  • Did you know you that, Instagram is not a fridge or freezer and you don't have to put every meal you eat with it? You can just eat it.
  • That awkward moment when a girl named Jasmine farts in public!
  • I hate it when I have friends. And their girlfriends make them delete me off Facebook and Instagram.
  • That awkward moment when the cable guy fixes your Internet but still wants to hang around and listen to Guns N Roses!
  • I hate not being able to shrink my pics down on Instagram. Sometimes it's so hard to fit my face, my hair, and my body all into that little bitty square frame.
  • That awkward moment when you realize it's easier and less exhausting to stay up for the next day rather than keep trying to sleep.
  • I hate when I get candy crush invites from people that don't talk to me anymore and don't even follow me back Instagram.
  • That awkward moment when you’re so bored and candy crush have stopped working on your computer because your internet connection is horrible.
  • I Hate it when your beautiful girlfriend like your Instagram pics or Facebook status but can't even pick the phone up to text you or call but want to hang out on weekends!
  • It’s always nice to have that extra person that you can talk to whenever and about anything, but when that person is gone, and then you’re in trouble.
  • Why you're mentioning that you hate those who chase you after people when you fish for attention. It makes no sense honey boo!
  • I hate when I'm hungry and I see pictures of food on Instagram.
  • I deactivated my Twitter account months ago, never bothered with Instagram, and cut the Facebook friends list down... now I can breathe again.
  • I hate it we people keep following then unfollowing you on Instagram! Please stop getting me unnecessarily excited.
  • When someone who doesn't know anything about physics sees a quantum mechanics equation, he doesn't normally start criticizing it, right? So why do people do it with modern art on Instagram?
  • I hate it when girls are on Facebook updating statuses, with Instagram posting pictures, or on twitter tweeting but leave my texts chilling as if they don’t see them.
  • I ate dinner but forgot to take a picture of it for Instagram. I'm worried sick that tomorrow I won't remember what I ate.
  • If you don't have me on everything like Facebook, twitter, Youtube, Instagram and your girlfriend then you probably can't stand me and hate everything I do.
  • Facebook and Instagram have taught me that women have way too many "best friends" and "girls they love like sisters.” Real life has taught me that all that usually gets proven false whenever something trivial happens between them.
  • Don't you hate when you post a nice picture and it gets a bunch of likes and comments? But then you make it your profile pic and you don't get the same love because people wasted their time on it already.


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    • profile image

      Alex Pilkington 

      5 years ago

      Here is the thing about memes and internet messages - yeah we know things are photoshopped or quotes are made up.. and some aren't.. we know monkey riding a giant shark with a machine gun, is photoshopped.

      It gets more subtle, but you see what I mean..the point is to send across messages, and assume everyone is sophisticated enough to wade through the signifiers. The: I gotcha! That's photoshopped! attitude is the choice to remain in a very dry outlook on reality. The point is: combinations of signs to send out effective messages if you are using meme culture as an activist. Is it propaganda? I guess, in a way. The same way a protest sign is: these are protests signs.. using memetic culture - both fictions and nonfictions blended - to effect consciousness.

      We don't need one way thinking - sort of Nancy Grace style suspicion.. Memetic culture for activists is complex, funny, mixed and matched... things are photoshopped. Quotes are invented. BUT, this should all be obvious.. to everyone who spends time online. To play with a hoax or photoshopping to advance political messages is subversion of a corporate culture that wants only useless memes.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      What if years from now history teachers have to give lessons on Internet Memes?

    • profile image

      Jack Clemens 

      5 years ago

      I like the post because the guy in third pic was gorgeous. Meme was funny but wasn't all that.


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