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Future technologies that would shape world

Updated on March 22, 2009

The humankind has always innovated itselfs to newer technologies for benefit of mankind .Technologies has improved lifestyle , made computing easier , health care has improved , telecommunication has breached all barriers ,computers has revolutionised world by how we do our work .

Going by the trends and developments mentioned below are the technologies which would shape the world .

Genetics : By mapping and restructuring DNA human cloning is near possibility which has got immense potential in field of medicine and agriculture

Advanced Bio - chemistry : Scientist are involved in creating super drugs for diseases which cannot be cured

Digital Electronics : Digital devices translate signals into form understandable by computers .In digital form ,information of all types such as data , text ,sound , images and videos can be moved from one device to another .These advanced electronics also covers following fields like Optical data storage , advanced video displays advanced computers and artificial intelligence ( robotics ) .

Lasers :These devices use highly coherent , high intensity light .The most significant current commercial application is in advanced compact disk .

Fibre Optics: This core technology uses light to transmit digital information .These fibre optic telecommunication systems are used to transmit telephohe and internet data .

Microwaves: Significant current application includes transmitting wireless digital infformation and heating objects.

Advanced Satellite : Satellites can be expected to play crucial role in communication and earth surveying and mapping and finding out rare earth minerals in other planets.

Photovoltaic Cells : Presently used in calculators , refrigerators and portable communication devices .

New Polymers :Polymers are complex chemical structures which can be adapted to many use .Also includes high tech ceramics which can withstand very high temperatures.

Super conductors - semi conductors and Micro chips : These are the core items for many electronic devices .

Nano Technology : Process of developing new materials at molecular level

These technologies with combination of other technologies would produce commerical viable products in near future

new technologies have revolutionised how we do our job
new technologies have revolutionised how we do our job


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