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Future Weapons and its "Benefits?"

Updated on March 16, 2009

Benefits for our Future Weapons.

Weapons from all around the world have their purposes. Used for law enforcement, military and even defense tactics of citizens in many countries. Weapons are not only classified as knives or guns. They are also vehicles on land, sea and air. Missiles, animals used as weapons, bombs and the very fists of our hands if used in violent ways.

I have always wondered how in the future our weapons will turn out. The modifications of the Scar rifle, as in scopes, rat-catchers or silencers. How they will make better running on jets and airplanes. Also the armor they will make and let our U.S. marines wear in combat. How as age advances our military will become stronger with weapons, manpower and funds for all of this. As in the pictures shown: those are some examples I am really wanting to see changed in our military. i want to see better Rifles and sidearms, fully-equipped light armor for great mobility, and much better land and air vehicles. This is not a post to tell people of what I hope will happen. I really want to see the United States Military advance to the top, for the protection of the people and love of the country.

Today, we still pray for the right decisions of our president, and the values of America. To get the future in motion, we need knowledge, money and a lot of spirit. If we want to achieve this, America simply needs our support in the military. To join and become a proud soldier of America. There could also be many benefits to having weapons of the future including the ease in close quarters combat. Also the readiness of our soldiers when trouble is near. Many video games, movies, books and toys are full of military and weapons. The people of America have a real love for action and the fun of it all. War is never fun and was never meant to be fun. All that war causes is death, but for our country it could be a better thing for us to fight and be the best of the best. This could be done by having top strategies from generals and commanders, or even recons with airplanes or jets, to scout out enemy land.

I may not have much knowledge on America's government or weapons, and you might say, "why even post this then?" I am only trying to tell the public that the future is near and there is a lot to achieved in our military. Men and women are out there fighting for the best cause there ever is an was: for the freedom of America and that in our Freedom, it comes great responsibility to help out and fight for our country. Hopefully you understood my message. Its not all about fighting in wars and killing. Its about being the best of the best, and fighting for what we know is a true cause. Future Weapons can really help help our country in every way.

Not only helping in combat. It can help us in border defenses, so America can be more secure in airports, malls and many other public places. Especially areas that have a large population. This could bring so much ease to citizens, and a lot of joy to know their families or children are safe. Safety comes first as an important saying. I hear many reports of robots, lasers and better modifications on guns. I am really surprised also when I read a National Geographic, I saw it contained information about futuristic warfare.I could not believe some of the images i saw in that series. It showed fully equipped marines, with well-padded body armor, and rifles with sidearms and missile throwers on their backs. It was said those rifles held hundreds of rounds of ammunition, and they held enough magazines and clips for the pistol. Ak-47, DEagles, Scar, P-90, MP5, M4, Glock-18, revolvers with laser sight pins, and the M2 Browning .50 caliber. I saw Acog scopes, silencers and only the best stuff attached to these weapons. I always thought it would be impossible to silence a .50cal weapon. Maybe those were fake, but National Geographic are pretty common to interesting news in the world.

In closing, I want to thank you all for reading this and you can even think to yourself how cool it would be to have weapons of the future at hand. Also the benefits coming our of the these weapons, the pros and cons, anything you can think of. This is not my last post on future weapons, keep an eye on my hubs, and sure enough I will explain of current weapons that apply to future abilities.

Weapons of the Future

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Futuristic Surge Rifle. (currently used by U.S. marines)Jets of the Future.Futuristic Snub Pistol.Futuristic Assault Rifle.Body armor, for the ASC guard. Possibly police or militant.More weapons, that would be amazing for our military.Haze Marines. (don't you hope our marines would turn out this good)Common Weapons, for today's military.There will be a lot more bombings in future weapons.Better modifications and missiles on jets too.
Futuristic Surge Rifle. (currently used by U.S. marines)
Futuristic Surge Rifle. (currently used by U.S. marines)
Jets of the Future.
Jets of the Future.
Futuristic Snub Pistol.
Futuristic Snub Pistol.
Futuristic Assault Rifle.
Futuristic Assault Rifle.
Body armor, for the ASC guard. Possibly police or militant.
Body armor, for the ASC guard. Possibly police or militant.
More weapons, that would be amazing for our military.
More weapons, that would be amazing for our military.
Haze Marines. (don't you hope our marines would turn out this good)
Haze Marines. (don't you hope our marines would turn out this good)
Common Weapons, for today's military.
Common Weapons, for today's military.
There will be a lot more bombings in future weapons.
There will be a lot more bombings in future weapons.
Better modifications and missiles on jets too.
Better modifications and missiles on jets too.


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    • johnsams profile image


      8 years ago

      Amazing writeup on futuristic weapons. In my opinion we may most probably see futuristic weapons such as bioelectronical, laser, meteorological weapons and whatnot? God knows what our techs and scientists are doing in those top secret labs!

      You may want to have a look at this article on exotic guns.



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