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Flutter- Future of Android App Development?

Updated on October 30, 2019
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Mobile applications are increasing day by day with the advancement of e-commerce business'. So here I introduce technology for the same!

Mobile App Development Future

Mobile App Development Future
Mobile App Development Future | Source

Flutter- Future of Android App Development?

Flutter has grown to become a household name in a good number of mobile app development company London. As to whether the multi-platform app developer holds the key to the future of app development; you can decide after reading this piece.

What is Flutter?
A lot of newbies with little to no expertise on the technical know-how required to develop an app might be left confused at the fair mention of the word Flutter.
Flutter is an open-source, cross-platform mobile SDK and a technology emerging platform for many app development teams using the same source code to manage applications
Flutter is a mobile app development platform powered by the Google-developed Dart language. Unlike most other platforms capable of providing app development, flutter possesses exceptional attributes that have kept it at the forefront of the competitive market.

Exceptional Features of Flutter
The flutter app development framework released its alpha version in May 2017. With tons of cross-platform development frameworks available in the UK and beyond, Flutter has kept up with the competition quite remarkably.

Here are a few key features that have made it stand out amongst many.

  1. Flutters' lack of a JavaScript bridge in its communication sector paved way for native compilation. Utilizing the flutter framework ensures faster communication time.
  2. The JIT {Just in Time} feature introduced by flutter has helped numerous app development agencies gain the upper hand {by providing faster development time rate} in the competitive UK market.
  3. Powered by darts, the flutter framework provides its users with the opportunity of acquiring support for asynchronous operations.
  4. Greater compatibility with the IntelliJ idea. Visual studio code and android studio.
  5. Flutter does not operate with a tech stack. It operates on a single codebase.

The Downside of Flutter
Before ranking flutter as the future of the app development framework for any firm, we would like to have a look at the downsides attached to utilizing the framework.

  • Most developers fancy creating their widget with a precise state in mind. With most of flutters widget operating with an inbuilt state, the possibility of unnecessary widget drawing occurring is likely.
  • Flutter provides room to create apps compatible with IOS and android. While flutter has excelled at the art, a lot of app development companies have complained about the slight inconsistencies attached to the User Interface flutter provides.
  • The junkiness that comes with the 60-fps animation at startup can create bad impressions to numerous app development companies looking out for its services.

Can Flutter be regarded as the future of the mobile app industry?
Relying on its productive potential to top the chart for the leading android app framework in the coming years has tons of positive attributes attached.

The future of App Development Companies UK might remain unknown for a few years but the reliability flutter introduces isn’t one that can be undermined.


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