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Future of humans

Updated on May 22, 2011

Future prediction-


• Too much emphasis on entertainment and pleasure.

• Laziness among people because of automation of major repetitive tasks. Local colonizations occur so that some people always work as servants.

• Gigantic unexplained difference between privileges and resources among men becomes a norm.

• People having legal authority totally lack power, whereas people having monetary or mass-influencing powers RULE.

• Collapse of societies happens rather than revolutions at parts of the world.

• Widespread and unfair use of playing with magical and subconscious powers for self-interest and power-play.


• Use of 3d/holographic UI's of the future is a common view on the roadsides.

• The increased generic nature of Information in the future. More specialization of tasks.

• More emphasis on personal security.

• Work less, gain more, for everyone.

• Many mysterious and paranormal things are undisclosed like telepathy, power of human will & subconscious thoughts, powers behind magic, the world of spirits & totems.

• We continue to discover the rest 90% of the universe.

• We come to know that we don't need to travel very far places in the universe to know it all. The distance gaps are covered in totally different ways when several quantum level secrets are discovered.

• More people discover and agree on the occult and other hidden powers of the subconscious.


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