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Homes & Computers Of The Future!

Updated on March 22, 2011

Homes Of The Future!

Maybe you’ve thought about it, maybe you haven’t? Some people have and this is what they came up with:

Homes & Technology of the future!

Topics covered in this article:

Homes, Businesses, Technology, Government, Schools and Culture Of the Future!

What will the next 100 years bring? The last 200 years of industry has pushed the very limits of the human mind. Our species has adapted to our ecological and cultural changes. An average of 35+ cultures exist in one state/province in north America its 100+ in Europe and Asian continents. What does this mean for the future of not only the human race, but our individual races as well. And how is this going to impact our economy and ultimately our technology/culture. People don’t really think about it, but everyday your general attitude is what drives this world. Every single person playing off one another. Reacting or acting based upon actions and decisions of the past. Before I completely lose you lets move on..

Since our collective consciousness seems to be leaning more green, and more ecological our buildings, schools and homes are going to be built to suit.


Will be built with low energy consumption equipment built right in, probably self-alarmed, composting, generate their own energy, have also sub-terrainian or a basement like living chambers below ground for advanced heating and cooling options. Most future buildings built will be done so as a whole community is built at one time, where as everyone would have the same house layout. Lots of new builders are leaning toward dome and mass-living central buildings. Domes provide weather and earthquake security and also a unique and safe shelter. As well as huge 100,000+ people community building where schools, hospitals, police stations, grocery stores, apartments and everything else was in a single building eliminating vehicle usage.. these buildings are self- sustaining with energy harnessing and food cultivation applications around the property as well as natural forest and parks for recreational and leisure.


Are going to take on the architectural design of the most dominant style and culture that is it represents. With all the American company’s taking their business and jobs overseas, and all the Asian companies like Sony and Samsung taking up more and more space in local malls I think we are going to see a dramatic shift in culture and design over the next 100 years as per all the trading between nations both domestic goods and lifestyles. “Where will the future take us” is a question asked since the dawn of man look at history. What motivates us? War? Cell phones? Sadly yes, “things that motivate and stimulate, dominate”. (I made that up) its that impulse in your brain that compulsion for you to act. Say by-by Uncle Sam, because uncle Hiroshima is stepping up to the plate, where 80% of consumers in America and Canada buy Toyota and Hyundai as opposed to locally made auto’s we are losing out big time. Too late to complain I’m afraid. Our future buildings are going to be majorly impacted by the Asian companies that are going to be building them! Even India is seeing a huge trading boost. Lets hope that what happened to Lebanon does not also happen there. But on a global scale considering the huge rift between the cultures there, I know you’re thinking that I’m yammering a lot but it is important that you understand the decisions being made on these future trading’s. A large number of new building going into construction later next year are going to be multi-thousand housing units in Asia, Europe and maybe the NAU when its finally official.





We are going to see a change in education over the next Century, fundamentally what the word education means to us. Meaning the education interface is going to become so advanced and hi-tech that kids wont have time to joke around. This also impersonalizes the classroom experience and this may even be conducted in your own home. Or a much more mass like facility. Teachers are going to become a thing of the past, and are going to be swapped in for “Programmers” who facilitate a class and probably watch the master screen for things like cheating, system abuse (e.g future facebook) and glitch repair, technical questions, referring to the master manual and such. I’m sure these computers kids are learning on will be a set program load/upload style where the “Programmer” begins the course at a specified time and your computers functions would be set within a perimeter for that specific program.


The world Pc is going to mean something completely different to our kids! Computers and cell phones are being made, as you read this article. Wrist phones and computers are being designed and built and are the way of the future, forget your bulky and complicated cell phone, and besides your black berry isn’t compatible with the iPhone and visa versa everything will be one operating system. No more confusion. As a matter of fact everything is going to become Wi-Fi and Touch inhibited. This means that when you order a drink from the bar, simply place your credit card on the counter and this pays for your drink. There is even talk about thumb print reading technology to pay for your grocery’s, do your banking, rent a car. Everything! In fact they are even thinking about making that personal computer Wrist cellphone thing linkable to your bank and credit funds so everything from your SIN (or SSN in the states) to your criminal and job history would be on your wrist.



They have arrived!

Forget the Asians overseas, forget the economy, forget all other job destroying factors. Robots have come and over the next 100 years are going to take an estimate 1.2 million jobs in north America alone. Never mind larger or more robot applicable countries this is going to free up a lot of hands! This is going to be a hard one to struggle with as robots do not need to sleep, eat or take weekends off. We cant keep up with the output, robots don’t need to drive cars, have homes etc. So this also takes jobs away from the middle class as do a lot of these multi thousand housing complexes, as no one needs their car lubed or tires rotated or bus drivers, cab drivers, small businesses, etc. its seams that the world is leaning toward too classes rather than the classes we have now. Our classes go rich, well off, middle class, poor, third world, starving. Well it seems that the world is giving itself an ultimatum. Either your slaving away growing food and building or you’re the doctor in one of these multi-thousand housing structures.. Either your rich, or you’re a slave. The way it’s always been in the past, either you had, or had not. Since the industrial revolution we had been given the chance to live like kings. For Our kids to go to nice schools. For Us have nice cars and beautiful women. We allowed the American dream to be yanked out from underneath our feet! On top of it we were kicked while we were down now we have no homes, or the ex-wife has it. No bank account, an inherit national debt that is being passed on to our children. You know your economy is failing when Russia and china begin talking about trading in roubles! If you ever wanted to know how the next 100 years was going to pan out… now you know!


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    • profile image

      Vasper85 7 years ago

      Reminds me of the Venus Project.

    • profile image

      Worried Wanka 7 years ago

      Look dude,you're too early with such predications.In his

      book,author,Martin ford,talks about "automation of nearly

      all human jobs but he said its not going to be really here until 2089 at Max,so relax!!!Besides,there are too

      many changes that are about to happen in this century,

      least of the concern should be on "total elimination of

      jobs".It is true though,that "we humans will eventually

      become 2 separate species : 1,that is "smart and advanced

      because they just simply "became smart due to being involved in future jobs, then there are 2nd species,which

      will be majority of "slow brains",who will be needed to

      do medicore jobs.Eventually species 1 will become Alien.

      And the rest of "2nd human species" will become extinct'.

      Remember,you heard here first!!! :)

    • FaceThe Facts profile image

      Righ Knight 7 years ago from Vancouver, BC


    • smcopywrite profile image

      smcopywrite 7 years ago from all over the web

      your pics were amazing and really set off the content. great work.

    • profile image

      OMG 7 years ago

      Woah, never relized how much design was affected by trading globaly or how much our choices everyday as consumers effect our future...

    • FaceThe Facts profile image

      Righ Knight 7 years ago from Vancouver, BC

      true, i didnt want to ramble. lol

    • junko profile image

      junko 7 years ago

      You touch on a lot of things you needed to elabrate on. Some times the mind moves faster than the mouth, or hand. Slow your roll, quality vs quantity.


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