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GFI Backup Home Edition is a Free Data Backup Utility for Windows

Updated on September 1, 2010

GFI Backup Home Edition

The most important thing in your daily life work is the backup of data. No matter what type of work you are doing it is should be backed up to prevent any loss and damage. For this purpose there is a tool named as GFI, which helps you to create a copy of your data. If you want to know about its working read the procedure given below.

The installation of GFI is very easy and simple. After the installation process, the main interface of GFI will appear from which you can easily select the tasks you want to do. Select the backup option and a new window will appear with some input bars.

 Type in the ‘task name’ and the ‘folder name’, add some description of task in the third input box, then write your email address and select the other options according to your requirements. Then select the ‘Destination’ tab to select the destination which can be external or internal. To compress the files and folders move to the ‘Options’ tab and specify the format so that it becomes easy for you.

After that move to the ‘Scheduler’ tab to schedule the backup tasks for your data according to your requirements. Now when you start the backup process you will see a progress meter in the ‘My tasks” window. This feature is very valuable as it secures you from a big loss and damage and saves stores your data so that you can use it in future. We recommend that you should take back up on an external device, because it reduces the risk of losing the data. With the help of GFI backup home edition you will be able to take backup and prevent yourself from a mishap.GFI Backup Home Edition is a Free Data Backup Utility for Windows.


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