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‘GOOGLE’ – With Its Next Big Thinking

Updated on August 26, 2015

You’ll find hardly any person on this globe that is not aware about Google. The only reason is that this brand doesn’t need any introduction. If we want to find something or learn online course, we just type the words in this six characters and the result is on. It would not be false to commit that Google has made our life so easy.

Recently Larry Page (co founder of Google) has announced that Sundar Pichai will be the next CEO of Google. At the same time he declared to open a new company named ‘Alphabet’ and also confirm that from now onwards Google Inc will be known as Alphabet Inc.

It is very interesting to see what Alphabet Inc is all about. Because under the belt of Alphabet, Google is planning to open 7 different companies and all these seven companies are claimed to change human life style going forward.


So let us check the 7 different companies of Alphabet Inc one by one.

I. GOOGLE: The main portfolio of this company includes Google’s very own products like Search, You tube, Android, Gmail, Add tech and Maps. Sundar Pichai will be the head of this division and his job would be to strengthen all this products.

II. GOOGLE ‘X’: This division is likely to set trend going forward, as Google is planning to launch some unbelievable thoughts under this company – namely (1) car without driver (2) delivery of goods via drone (3) balloon network (4) contact lance showing diabetes number and (5) renewable energy. Sergey Brin will himself look after this division.

III. NEST: This division looks after the Apps and Smartphone business. Providing innovative services will be the focus area of this company. Some service includes (1) you can keep watch on your home and office from any part of the world (2) home security camera with navigation system. Tony Fadel (ex employee of Apple) will look after this firm.

IV. CALICO: Sergey Brin believes that Biotechnology can create miracle for human being. The main focus of this company is to increase human life and provide better treatment to ear, nose and eyes by connecting different technology branches like IC, EC and Computer.

This division will research more on how to cope against Cancer, Aids and other diseases. Art Levinson will be the head of this firm.

V. SIDEWALK: The focus area of this company includes (1) to solve on road traffic problem (2) generate renewable energy and (3) waste management. Dan Doctorof will be the in charge of this company.

VI. VENTURES: This division will handle the finance space of the companies of world over. It will help companies in (1) how to launch website (2) how to invest and where to invest. Bill Moris will be at the top position.

VII. CAPITAL: As the name suggest, this company will provide finance to the new startups. And if found good prospects, it will invest money in them also. David Lowin will handle this company.

After the announcement of Alphabet one thing is sure that Google (Alphabet from now) wants to become trend setter in almost all business. This ultimately suggests that the firms which is depends only on 1 core business has to rethink on their business model. This is an alarming call for the fortune 500 companies as well. Human life will be at better stage if all this thinking becomes true.

© 2015 Vishal Dalwadi


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