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Buy a GPS For The iPad

Updated on August 16, 2011

An iPad GPS Device

If you have a wifi iPad – either iPad 1 or iPad 2 – or if you have an old style iPhone that does not have inbuilt GPS, or an iPhone touch, and you are looking for GPS for your iPad, then there is a great gadget available that may well suit your needs.

The idea behind this gadget is to supply a continuous GPS reading to all of the apps on your iPad, without having to update any of those apps. This device can have many uses including being able to use it with your iPhone or iPad in airplane mode, whilst flying.

The GPS device is simple and small and just plugs into the 30 pin socket on the bottom of your device, so it does not interfere with any cases, vehicle mounts etc. It comes with a USB charger so that you can use it on charge rather than any additional strain on the battery, although battery life is not badly affected by this gadget.

The GPS device slots into the 30 pin socket.
The GPS device slots into the 30 pin socket.

Advantages of the GPS for iPad against a Standard GPS

Of course you could just buy a standard GPS unit, for example Garmin have a great range of different spec GPS units available, but the advantage of buying a GPS for iPad or iPhone is that you can use it with all of your location enabled apps that you already have installed (and the hundreds more that are available) so this effectively gives the GPS unit much more functionality than a standalone unit.

GPS for iPad Approved by Apple

The Bad Elf GPS Receiver is one of the only units on sale that is approved by Apple for use with the iPad 1 wi-fi and iPad 2 wi-fi, so you know that you are getting a compatible device when you buy it. When there is a network connection this Bad Elf unit can use the Assisted GPS data provided by the Apple operating system, but it does not actually need to use it, it can work perfectly well without it. It has a MTK chipset which has great GPS lock times so you will be able to lock on to your location quickly.

Even if you have an Apple device with GPS, this unit has been shown to have a quicker and more sustainable lock than the Apple device itself, so if you need a more reliable and accurate system then this could be for you.

Buy a GPS for Your iPad in the UK

The Bad Elf GPS unit is available both in the US and the UK. It is manufactured in the US so as you might expect the cost is cheaper in the US.

Bad Elf GPS Receiver UK


The Bad Elf GPS Receiver looks a great unit if you want to use your Apple device with location services. In particular users seem to select it to use with flight apps but there are many more areas where it could be useful. For all gadget lovers out there, this could also be a great gift idea.


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