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Gadget and Gizmo Page - Cool Stuff

Updated on May 11, 2011

Cool Gadgets

In tonight's article I wanted to talk about a few cool new gadgets that I have seen and I wanted to make this page seem fun so rather than use the same old plain gadget photographs I used a funny 'Inspector Gadget' default picture, I use this approach because it has gained me around 200 comments a week at my blog Gizmospot where people love my writing style.

Photo courtesy of daniello

Cool Stuff - Star Wars Gadgets

I entitled this capsule cool stuff however it is more likely deemed 'nerdy stuff' by the mainstream person because Starwars is for the Sci-Fi fanatic. I realise that a large percent of the visitors to my blog will be technology/computer nerds so I decided to review a cool 'FX Lightsaber' that can be seen on the Gizmospot website or here.

You may be looking at the picture above and thinking why is there a Lego Stormtrooper but he is in fact holding the latest in digital camera technology, this 'Eye-Fi' Flashcard is the latest gizmo that allows you to transfer photographs directly to your PC via WiFi.

Photo courtesy of bfishadow

Gadget News

I will be reviewing gadget news concerning the latest Samsung Nexus S in more detail on my blog shortly and not because I am a massive Android fan but because I have leaned towards the Google phone collaborative efforts. I currently own a Samsung Galaxy Europa which is great for instant access to Gmail, checking my Google Adsense earnings and even though it hasn't got a massive screen like the Galaxy Tab it will assist me in posting links until I can afford something bigger.

Photo courtesy of pittaya

Gadgets & Gizmos

Maybe I am biased about the Google Samsung phone gizmos because I have a Google Adsense account but I do believe it is the business alternative gadget and I enjoy receiving email notifications via SMS when I get paid. The matted black of the Samsung Nexus S makes it look durable and streamlined for accessing documents and organising appointments whereas the shiny Apple iPhone appeals more to people who are looking for a flashy fashion accessory.

I had to include the photograph above because the caption under the photo on Flickr made me laugh hard, 'and the Daddy Droid said - Who's been sleeping in my bed?' referring to the fact that the iPhone is in an Android pouch.  It does show that Android have some fashion accessories and I would love to keep my phone in one of these pouches but I am more concerned at what my gizmos do before looking good!

Photo courtesy of camoby

Best Gadgets

I can't say all the best gadgets are of Windows origin since I used to own an Apple G3 & G4 before I could no longer afford the hefty price tag and down graded to a PC again and I am currently happy to remain a 'PC'. However, Apple computers do have some beneficial qualities such as they don't contract viruses and they are great for people working mainly on Graphics projects since they are very user friendly and don't contain as many directories.

If you are looking for a business laptop for web design then I suggest a Macbook Pro since they are slightly larger than the Macbook Air and they are to revealed in 2011. They have a high speed I/O advance in technology, Quad-core processor for twice as fast speed of the Macbook Air and the ability to create crisp HD video projects in iMovie using AMD Radeon graphics.

Photo courtesy of triller


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