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5 USB Powered Desk Fans

Updated on July 8, 2014

USB Powered Fans Help Control Temperature in Personal Space

Comfort is an individual state of being. The temperature in any room can be one of the most difficult features to control. While one person is cold another may be too warm. In either case a degree or two can make a lot of difference. Add one or more computers to the mix and the problem can get even more out of control.

Desktop computers release a lot of heat into a room. Whether the CPU is on a desk top, a shelf or tucked under the desk - that heat has to go somewhere. The closer you sit to that “somewhere area” the harder it will be to control the temperature. Again, it may be just a degree or two but that can be the difference between being comfortable or not.

A few things need to be considered while making your choice of USB fans.

  • Those without a USB cable are typically best to use with a laptop. However, if your computer CPU has a front facing USB port it would work well.
  • If you need to use a USB cable to extend its reach be sure that the one provided is long enough.
  • Will you need the fan to be adjustable? If so you will need one that has some sort of stand (neck) that can be bent into various positions.

You may say – “just add a small fan” to the space. That would probably work but it is difficult to work with paper when it is being blown around. The corners lift up and stacks get moved around. Even a small desk fan can be too powerful to be realistic.

USB ports provide so much functionality. Would you believe that a USB port from the same computer that is causing the problem could go along way towards correcting it? Numerous USB gadgets are available – tiny lights, toys and even tiny refrigerators. It should not be surprising that there are tiny USB fans available too.

These are five unique USB powered fans that are both functional and cute. Some may work better than others but that is a subjective statement. You may want a fan that blows right on you while someone else prefers that the air is no where near their face. You may want a whimsical look while someone else wants less distraction.

A desk scenario is not always the case. When I use my laptop in the living room I feel more heat because of the area that my recliner sits in. A small USB fan sitting on the table next to me could provide just enough air movement to make the situation more tolerable.


These are all very reasonably priced gadgets that may improve your workspace. They can possibly save a few dollars on air conditioning as well. Don’t forget that moving the air is also important when the air is cool. Anytime you circulate the air in a room the more even the temperature stays. I realize that these tiny fans will not cool an entire room but sometimes your personal comfort depends on the air within a very small area directly around you.

An added benefit is that the blades on many of these USB fans are made of soft plastic so little fingers are safe incase a child gets too curious.


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