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Gadgets for Presentations

Updated on March 4, 2013


A primary gadget for ANY professional presentation is a projector. Have this available for any presentation, even if the facility offers an in-house projector. Just in case anything goes wrong with the in-house projector, your own will prove to be a life-saver for your business.

At 2800 lumens, the Epson EX3212 projector is bright enough to work in a well lit room that is absent of considerable sunlight. It operates with composite A/V, S-video, VGA and also has an HDMI option. I have personally used it mostly with the VGA option. The HDMI option produces a sharp and clear image for slide presentation. If price is a factor, this model is more than adequate with the VGA option.

It does have a rapid setup, with a menu button that is easy to navigate for people that know what a projector is used for. Keynote can be adjusted as well as the levels at the bottom of the unit. The "A/V Mute" switch is a nice title for what is basically a cover for the lamp.

The fan propels heat from the front of the projector, so if you are not a fan of hot air, you will want to make sure that you do not sit too close to the front of it if you have to work a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation from the side.

Amplified Sound

Portable speakers and PA system. You can use a small headphone jack (male to male headphone jack adapter) to plug in your favorite mp3 player or laptop. Its ease of use and high compatibility with a plethora of music-playing devices make it ideal for a traveler that may have varying music resources from city to city.

There are two spots for microphones as well as two spots for auxiliary sound, such as music from an mp3 player, iPod, laptop, etc. Volume, tone and reverb from all 4 channels can be controlled separately. There is also a main volume and tone level that can be adjusted.

Con: There is a need to use a subwoofer in order to get a full, rich sound that can pump out the bass of the music. If you want to spend nearly double the price of the Fender 150, you can purchase the Fender 300, but you will now need an adapter for the 1/8 inch headphone jack to work with the thicker 1/4 inch speaker cables. For the Fender 150, I do have an inexpensive recommendation later on in this review.

Speaker Tripods

You need two speaker tripods. These are sturdy and can hold up the first two series of Fender speakers.


This particular Fender PA system needs more punch if you like playing music that has more deep, rich bass sounds. This is a very inexpensive version that can handle the task. You only need the subwoofer for the rich sound. This can work without hooking up the other two smaller speakers.

Con: You have to keep up with each component for these speakers. The control hub has a volume control and a poer button that lights up blue once it is powered on. The speakers will not work without this, so make sure you keep up with it!


Any basic microphone will do, but if you want to get off to a great start immediately, get a portable microphone.

Con: Just make sure that you have a few 9-volt batteries if you plan to talk for more than 3 hours.


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