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Gadgets that can make your travel to India pleasant

Updated on July 24, 2017

India is a South Asian country where you will see the whole spectacle from Himalayan peaks to Indian Ocean Coastline. India is a very vast tourist destination where it attracts all the tourists around the world. Start exploring India with Tajmahal, Ladakh’s moonscape, Caves of Anantha, Backwaters of Kerala, Amber Fort, Golden Temple, Sun Temple etc...India is a paradise for travelers.

Gadgets that can make your travel pleasant

There are some gadgets that are the best companion and help us make our travel enjoyable. Here are some of the devices you can carry along with your trip to an enjoyable experience.

Luggage with GPS Tracking Devices

Luggage with GPS tracking Devices is used to keep track of your luggage. It is partial while in global. By tapping on Smartphone app the luggage will be displayed with the location. You can keep your luggage safe anywhere.


E-readers offer a great advantage over reading e-books on a tablet or phone. One of the best online bookstores we can find at Amazon is a Kindle book store. Its price is only $79.Although its screen resolution is less and a little slow to navigate on the Paper white, you can browse the store on the laptop and send the e-book wirelessly to your device. And also, it is the perfect device for you while traveling to India, to fulfill the lack of excitement

Dual-USB storage Drives

The new Sandisk USB Type-C port is used to easily free up space on your Smartphone or quickly transfer files between devices. It can easily transfer files between Smartphone, tablets, and computers. It has the capacity up to 256GB and the read speeds up to 150 MB/s.

Point-and-shoot/DSLR Cameras

The best travel camera must be frivolous, multi purpose and handy. Along with it, another prominent feature is that the resolution and picture quality of the camera must be remarkable. However the best travel cameras are not restricted they can vary from person to person, but one thing a travel camera must have is freedom to click any picture that you want without aberrations.

When exploring the place and culture of India you need the lightweight camera to capture the unforgettable moments. The world smallest light weighted DSLR camera is an EOS 100D delivers superb photos and videos with the 18-megapixel camera. It has features with the optical viewfinder and intuitive touch-screen controls.


High-quality, low-noise photography
• Shoot 18-megapixel photos and Full-HD video
• Optical viewfinder and responsive controls
• Large touchscreen
• Get shoot quickly and easily with Scene, Intelligent Auto
• Easy and enjoyable to use
• Simple operation – fantastic results

Nomad key

The Nomad Key is perfect for travelers and non-travelers. The Apple of IOS system has been charged easily to a pinch which is late. The new Nomad Charge Key is an affordable, super-portable connected with a USB cable that performs effectively. The two plastic which is hard connected through a middle of rubber that reaches the place of your TV, Computer, and Smartphones at back. The side of the thin connector of USB is placed into your wall adapter, the computer the device which has to change. The loop of other side has a connector for synchronizing apple products or charging that can be used to attach the Charge Key to a key chain. $25 is the price of the charge key and it would be a decent value, the value of Apple's lightning cables would be $5 it may be cheaper.

Google Translate/Duolingo Apps

Google Translate has the feature called “Google Translate Community” which gives better translations and check the suggested translations. It will tell us in which languages Google Translate is good at and it will also tell us which languages are bad and needs to be improved better. You can Practice the major skills like writing, speak and read. You can also improve your personalisation of grammar and skill of your vocabulary. It can be achieved by answering and questioning your lessons.Daily, you can do with basic phrases and sentences of your own.

Noise Canceling Headphones

The headphones with correct volume and sounds good in specialization achieve an elegant music to hear. Philips Fidelio NC1 has executive looks and great sound reproduction. It has brilliant balanced sound, great build quality, and battery life. It Cost around $299 Bose' QuietComfort 25. The NC1 is more expectable competency which is high in major assumptions of battery and comfort.

A Portable Power Bank

Portable power banks are a lifesaver and one of the best accessories which you can invest. If you are a traveler and do you find your phone battery often dies before the great adventure, you know the struggle. You can now power your phone from your pocket. You have heard of Anker, and the charge of the portable, best in one of the prioritized company. It has huge 20,100mAh battery inside, multiple times before it needs a recharge. It also has high-speed charging.


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