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How to Get More Followers on Vine

Updated on August 19, 2013


Tips and Tricks to Gain the Most Followers on Vine

  • Connect Twitter and Facebook. Before you start posting Vines, connect your Twitter and Facebook to your Vine Account. This will add to the amount of people who see your vines, especially if you have a lot of friends on Facebook and followers on Twitter.
  • Before posting your first Vines. Before posting your first Vines explore the editors picks and popular sections on Vine. There are certain ways to video to make your vines more appealing compared to the people just starting to use Vine videoing randomness. Use the "Search by Tag" feature to review the types of videos that are being posted by others in your niche.
  • Add Location. Before finishing a Vine there is a spot that says "Add Location". Use this! Each time you post a Vine add the location because others in the same location can find your Vine by searching that location. It adds to the exposure and amount of people that see each Vine you post.
  • Use Popular Hashtags. Using popular hashtags is one of the main methods of navigating through different Vine users. It also helps you find, and others find people with the same interests or niche. This will help your Vine account get notices and also add exposure through other hashtag social media sites like Twitter. Add hashtags that are relevant to your post, but also use other hashtags that are not as relevant but popular on Vine to get noticed.
  • Use other Social Network sites to share your Vines. Vine lets you share your Vines through Facebook and Twitter but don't stop there! When you post a Vine it will post a url to your Vine on Facebook and Twitter. Take that url and post it on other sites like your blog, pin it on Pinterest, post it on Tumblr, and so on!
  • Be Active! Be active on your Vine account, just like any other Social Network site. Its important to Like, Comment, and Follow other users. Search for people with hashtags that interest you and have the same kind of videos you do. These types of people are most likely to follow you because you have similar interests. Don't spam other people with comments though, this is just annoying and not going to get you any followers.

Good Luck with your Vine!

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      maria 23 months ago

      Best work on this website thanks a lot :) :)

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      saadraza 2 years ago

      I want to know more about vine, like if they allow only 6 second video then how can i promote my business there?



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      Checkout my last vine.. ... Will we see artists buying followers for Vine as well as for Twitter followers..

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