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Galaxy Legend for Android Game Review

Updated on April 10, 2015

Looking for an extraordinary android game that can surely bring you on for free? Then your search is finally over! This is simply because Tap4Fun will provide you with android gamers, with the type of game that will give you a bunch of excitement, enjoyment, a thrill, and everything that an android game has to offer. And wait, one great thing about this is that it’s free. Yes, you can play it without having it being purchase on the online play store. See that’s how great this android game calledGalaxy Legend”.

Game description & details

Galaxy Legend, a space-strategy game that is free to be played for android and even iOS. Be the commander of the space fleet and make some adventure in the galaxy. Expand the fleet with various ships that can be expanded and upgraded. Take the ship into the battle against space pirates and aliens or battle with other players in a tactical combat. Explore the galaxy and make a known legend of your own.

Developer/Publisher: Tap4Fun

Business Model: Free to Play

Category: Mobile

Genre(s): 2D, Strategy, MMO, Sci-Fi,

Platforms: iOS (4.3+)

Android (2.2)

Status: Released


  • Free of charge
  • The base player is large (many areas to play with)
  • Has a competitive environment
  • Great quality 2D graphics
  • Realistic background sounds and action noises
  • This android game does not commit you to play with it for hours
  • Chat system for communication with the allies and other players (seems like a social media)
  • Addictive for it keeps you to check on the fleet updates even you are already done with your task.
  • Highly recommended for android RPG player and even if you’re not.


  • Some of the items are very much expensive and it takes time to have it purchase.
  • Those Old servers were favored with server wars.


  • Even if it has already more areas to play, an additional will still do because players mostly want a long and wide range type of game.
  • Can be more realistic if the graphics can be upgraded to 3D animation


As what most of the players who played and still playing this game, almost everything that comes from their mouth is just a couple of great things. It is simply because this android game is one of a kind, and it can give an absolute enjoyment and excitement to the one that is playing with it. To sum up, it’s a great choice to have this on your list.

Bottom line:

For an overall and satisfying experience on strategic space RPG android game, it’s best for you to try this one out. Be the one who experience the all in one package of excitement, enjoyment and the thrill in just one game. Why not try this one out now? Be one of them. Be the one to experience and be the one to feel everything that this android game can give. Don’t want to regret? Then try it as much as now.


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