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The Feature packed Galaxy Note 2

Updated on August 7, 2013

Galaxy Note 2

The stunning Galaxy Note 2.
The stunning Galaxy Note 2. | Source

Note 1 and Note 2 Comparison


A moments glance at the Galaxy Note 2

I personally had the first Galaxy Note and absolutely loved using the device. It had a huge 5.3 display that was great viewing movies, games and just general surfing on. It just had a presence that other phones didn't have, maybe it was the size that had something to do with it.

But then along came the Note 2 ! bigger, better , faster than it's predecessor, with an even bigger display at 5.5 inch compare to the 5.3 inch screen that of the note 1. At first glance side by side the note 1 and note 2 pretty much looks the same, aside from the bigger screen the note 2 has and a slightly thinner frame. That's pretty much where all the similarities come to an end. The Note 2 still has the S Pen, but with advance improvements to it's capabilities. Below are just some of the improvements that the S Pen on the new and improve Note 2 has to offer.

1) Air Gestures, you might be wondering what this is exactly and how useful it can be while using the device. Activating the air gesture can be as simple as hovering the S Pen above the desired context on the device for example ; hovering the S Pen over Calender dates automatically prompts the phone to bring up specific details of the specified date containing all the details for that day that have been inputted on the device. Another neat function of the Air Gesture is having the ability to hover over video playback and previewing the video or movie ahead.

2) Gesture Commands, I really like this feature. This feature is activated just by holding the button on the S Pen and swiping up from the bottom screen of the device. Doing so brings up a command window that is preloaded with gesture commands that can be altered and changed in the settings menu. This can be very useful specially for individuals who are heavy S Pen users, for it gives them the ability to use specific commands during S Pen usage without having to put the Pen back in it's Place. The S Pen is highly sensitive and very accurate, some might even prefer using the S Pen rather than their finger to navigate through the device menu.

3) The Phone is smart enough to notice when the S Pen is pulled from it's place, this brings out a menu that resembles a tiny dot on the screen display. The menu is linked to a lot of the devices main actions and programs. Another cool feature of the device is it's ability to recognize when the S Pen is forgotten, misplaced or lost. This is indicated by a message that appears on the device's display whenever the S Pen is not in close proximity from the device itself.

There are many more features and usefulness to the S Pen than i have indicated above but these are just a few that i wanted to mention.

Additional Thoughts

The Note 2 is a serious monster of a device that Samsung has engineered to perfection, with many features under it's belt, none is more appealing to consumers than battery life and it's usage. Despite of the Note 2's large display it manages to squeeze out a pretty decent amount of usage. I can personally get by a whole day's use of calling, internet surfing, picture taking and still have a good amount of battery life towards the latter part of the day. Onboard is a 3100 mah battery capable of outlasting most smart phone devices on the market today.

Another great feature of The Note 2 is the ability to put a Micro SD inside the back of the device, expandable all the way up to 64 gigs, I personally had onboard a 64 gig on mine. So coupled with the 16 gig built in storage on the device itself and an added 16, 32 or 64 gig micro SD one has sufficient enough storage to put tons of media or other useful tool on their device without having to be restricted.

As mentioned above, the device contains a 3100 mah battery onboard, a great feature about the Note 2 is the ability to also purchase a spare battery and change the existing battery on the device. Batteries for the Note 2 are very cheap to purchase and can be purchase through Amazon or Ebay, now if the stock battery is just not enough for your daily needs and usage you can also purchase a battery case charger, there are many varieties available also on Amazon and Ebay for reasonable prices.

Note 2 or Iphone 5 or a windows device

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Advanced Multitasking

The people at Samsung did a masterful job at integrating advanced multitasking to the Note 2, so advanced in fact that it's able to do many tasks at the same time seamlessly and effortless compare to other devices out there in the market and with it's large display, multitasking on the Note 2 is pretty flawless and fun. Users are able to view two things at once with pop up playing and pop up browser, so you can enjoyably surf the web for your needs while comfortable watch a video or movie. Checking your email on the go has never been easier, which is possible to do while surfing the web or watching a video at the same time or texting a friend or client on the go.

Advance Multitasking on the Note 2 is amazing, watch a video while you check your emails.
Advance Multitasking on the Note 2 is amazing, watch a video while you check your emails. | Source

Concluding Thoughts

So if you're out on the market for a new cell phone consider the Note 2, I personally own this device and it has been a pleasure to use. Some individuals might find it's size a little cumbersome but most would find it appealing and useful. I myself don't mind the size of the device and find it a pleasure to be able to have to extra added display space to be able to view material on the device. Overall I highly recommend the Note 2 to a prospective buyer or any individual looking for a mobile device.


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