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Galaxy Note Edge Review – Specs, Price, Features, Battery Life

Updated on September 9, 2014

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is just like the Note 4, with the major difference being a screen that is curved and a tad smaller. Some of the salient features of this stunning smartphone are discussed below:


The waterfall-like appearance of the Edge can be attributed to its unbroken curvature to a single glass pane. The touchscreen on the Edge bends like an infinity pool. The face of the ‘curved area’ is itself equipped with varied features such as app shortcuts, contextual controls and notifications. These can be easily accessed and seen without closing the window that users may be on.

Swipe or flick the side display to access varied widgets such as a sports ticker showing the latest scores, the latest trending on Twitter, camera control buttons and lots more! In the standby mode, the edge-side display has a gentle glow and shows information about the time, date and alarm, if any.

The display options on the side screen can be managed and customized using the Edge manager app.


Unlike the Note 4 which is available in 2 versions, i.e., one with an octa-core processor and another with a quad-core processor, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is available with just a 2.7 GHz Snapdragon quad-core processor, 805 chipset, and in-built LTE Cat 6 support.

The Edge has 3 GB of RAM and is available in 32 GB and 64 GB versions. Both the versions come with the option of additional microSD external storage of up to 64 GB. It will run on Samsung’s Touch Wiz interface integrated into the Android 4.4 KitKat OS. The result of this much power is simply awe-inspiring. All apps can be accessed in double quick time, there is no lag when browsing the web, and gaming is also great.

The Screen

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 2560 X 1440 resolution, Quad-HD display, Super AMOLED, 5.6-inch screen. The display is enclosed by 2.5D Gorilla Glass 3. The resolution is the same as the Note 4, but it has 160 extra pixels. Also, as compared to the ‘386 PPI’ Note 3, the Note Edge has an incredible PPI of 515.

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge gets its name from the display, wherein the right border of the display bends to cover the side of the phone. As discussed above, this part of the device can be used to get quick access to frequently used device functions, alerts and apps, etc., even when the screen is locked or the cover is closed.

The Camera

As compared to the 13-MP equipped Note 3, the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a 16 MP primary camera. It features the OIS system, i.e., the Smart Optical Image Stabilizer system to overcome the effects of a shaky camera. Also, in dark places, it automatically prolongs the exposure time.

At 3.7 MP, the secondary camera comes equipped with f1.9 which means that nearly 60 percent additional light is taken in by the camera. The front camera also a 90 degree default shooting angle, panorama shot capture which is ideal for currently popular ‘selfies’, and wide angle shots of up to 120 degrees that permit the capturing of group photos and other wider photo-shots.

The Snap Note feature permits users of the Edge to take photos of a whiteboard or a piece of paper, quickly convert it into an S Note, and then edit it if needed.

The Fingerprint scanner, S-Pen, and others

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a Heartrate monitor, a Fingerprint scanner, and even a UV sensor. It however does not have an eye scanner.

The S-Pen packaged with the Samsung Galaxy Note Edge is a marked improvement on the previous versions. The Air Command function is more user-friendly. Users can easily write in their own handwriting and even sign their own signatures. Screen Write, Action Memo, Smart Select and Image Clip are other distinctive features that have been newly included.

The Edge has many improved microphones for better sound quality. The voice recorder comes with 8-directional voice tagging and the speaker phone has enhanced voice cancellation features.

The Battery

The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge comes with a Lithium Ion 3000 mAh battery along with ‘Fast Charging’ feature. It can charge nearly 50 percent of the battery in a very short time. The Edge also comes with an ‘ultra power saving mode’ that facilitates preservation of battery power.


The Samsung Galaxy Note Edge may be available in varied colors like ‘frost white,’ ‘charcoal black,’ ‘blossom pink’ and ‘bronze gold.’ It may not be as widely available across the world as the Note 4.

In the US, the Edge will be available with carriers such as Sprint, AT&T, Verizon, and T-Mobile. The pricing, on or off-contract, is not known as yet. But it is believed that the off-contract price will be somewhere in the range of $700 to $750.


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