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Galaxy S4 Camera Review...What To Know

Updated on November 6, 2016

A Bit S4 Camera Confused???

I have to admit, I was a bit...well a lot of bit, confused at how to take a good picture when I first received my Galaxy S4. It seemed that every picture came out fuzzy, over pixelated and just down right amateurish. But with a bit...well again, a lot of bit...of toying with the darn thing, I finally realized some of the things it took to produce amazing photos with such a variety of photo taking features.

Now, to quickly run it down for you, I will give my personal experience with the Galaxy S4 camera. We will also look at the variety of features in which the Galaxy S4 camera possesses, then finally review the Pros & Cons.This review of the S4 camera a thorough understanding of how to capture that 'amazing shot'.

The Galaxy Experience

When I first received my highly anticipated Galaxy S4, I went right in. No crash course, no tutorials, I simply dove in head first and began playing with the features. I must admit, it can become very tiresome engaging in this highly technical device without a leg to stand on. So I would suggest a place like Youtube for some pretty insigthful tutorials on how and where to begin.

As far as the Galaxy S4 camera goes. I was at a total lost on how to efficiently use it. My initial photos led me to believe that it was all just marketing hype by Samsung on this next generation device. My photos seemed to come out no more better than my old HTC phone, and in fact it seemed that the HTC had the Galaxy beat by far. Many of my pictures just seemed too amateurish. They were very pixelated and blurry. If I did not hold completely still, like the offensive line of a football team, then my false start surely meant a penalty of an off skew shot. Even playing around with the many features seemed to do my photos no good and just dampered my excitement even more on the Galaxy. But as they say; "practice makes perfect!" and "patience is a virtue!"

Galaxy S4 Camera Fefatures

There are 12 camera modes to choose from on the S4 camera, where only six are usable with the rear facing camera. These include:

  • Auto
  • Beauty Face
  • Best Photo
  • Best Face
  • Sound & Shot
  • Drama
  • Animated Photo
  • Rich Tone
  • Eraser
  • Panorama
  • Sports
  • Night

There are also a series of features to choose from on the right panel of the camera. These include things like flash adjustment, face detection, burst shot, voice control, storage options, camera view(front, rear, video), along with a few others.

The Auto mode is pretty self explanatory, however not the best feature to use when trying to get that amazing shot.

The Beauty Face is designed to capture a clear and crisp photo of one's face, bringing out detailed features in excellent quality. However, one cannot be too close to the subject nor can lighting be too dim. In my opinion, the Beauty Shot is not all what its cracked up to be. Shots are still a bit foggy and one must have almost perfect lighting to get a quality shot. The flash is also disabled in this mode.

The Best Photo mode on the Galaxy S4 is one that I actually like. It still comes with some stipulations however. This mode takes a series of shots(8) of and allows you to choose the best one. It is good in that it acts as a 35mm camera when sometimes the best shot comes after the the snap. It is not so good when again, the flash is disabled and one must hold the camera extremely steady for the shot.

The Best Face mode isn't much different than the Best Photo mode. This mode simply takes a series of 5 consecutive shots instead of 8. It is slightly slower in its snaps as with Best Photo and is geared more toward the face, allowing one to vogue if you will.

Sound & Shot mode simply records up to 9 seconds of sound after the shot is taken. This mode is ideal for sending someone a sound and picture e-card for instance.

Drama mode is what is sounds like. Dramatic!!! It is filled with drama just trying to use it correctly. This mode is geared toward capturing a series of shots of some animate object then displaying them frame by frame. Be wary though, one must hold the camera steady and be in sync with moving object while snapping or else major frustration will set in. Many times, the camera will only capture 2 or maybe even 3 frames and can look very mediocre. This mode takes lots of practice to get just right.

The Animated Photo is pretty cool, and perhaps weird. It is designed to edit animated photos in such a way that certain parts of the animation can be frozen in time, while other parts continue to move.

Rich Tone(HDR) mode takes an enhanced shot of some subject. I provides a rich tone accompanied with good lighting in the after shot. It does lack in sharpness however, when zoomed in, whether on real time or even previewing already taken photo. Not holding the camera steady can also turn this richly enhanced photo into a contrasted blur.

Eraser mode is very fun. From the commercials it seems like magic for one to just ex out a piece of footage from any photo. However, one has to think how does the background remain in tact after an object is removed? This is because the camera in this mode actually records for several seconds. Anything that interferes with the shot with the recorded time can be edited out, as the camera should have already recorded what the background was like before being invaded.

The Panorama mode is also a pretty neat camera feature, in that it allows you to scan the room or environment in any one direction, then processes the shot for a wide ranged photo view of your footage. This feature is especially good for those photos with large crowds and wide scenery.

The Sports mode on the Galaxy S4 camera allows you to capture photos of rapidly moving objects, like a car, train, etc. and then develops the finished image into a clearer image. This mode works best when objects that are rapidly moving are not too close to the camera. Sometimes, one may still experience some blur at the edges of the shot.

Night mode is a very good feature on the S4 in that it illuminates the area to be photoed pretty well. This feature is good for places with a cozy and/or secluded ambiance, like a lounge.


Pros & Cons Of The Galaxy S4 Camera

As stated earlier, using the camera on the Galaxy S4 for the first time can become quite challenging and frustrating. One must continuously dabble with all of the features to home in on just the right 1 or 2 or 3, that is best suited for that amazing shot. In the meantime, take notice to some of the Pros & Cons of the S4 camera, which make save you time and frustration in the end.


  • The Galaxy S4 camera offers a wide range of modes to choose from, ensuring that one will certainly get the job done for capturing that amazing shot.
  • The S4 camera resolution on the S4 is at 13 mega-pixels, allowing for stunning photos to be captured.
  • The night feature on the S4 is very good to use instead of the flash in many instances, as it provides its own light from within and executes sharper images in many cases.
  • The S4 camera has both front and rear facing camera views that can be ran and operated simultaneously.
  • The camera on the S4 allows one to integrate sound into photos.
  • The S4 camera can be operated via voice control using the words "Smile, Say Cheese, Shoot", making it easier to capture the shot and relieve the user from the awkward grip of holding the phone steady, while trying to reach the snap button with the index finger.
  • The S4 has an added 'burst' shot feature allowing for seeming-less 0 lag time from pressing the button(or saying shoot) to the shot actually being taken.
  • There are several effect scales to choose from for taking picture like Faded Color, Cartoon, and Vintage.


  • While the forward facing camera allows for use with all 12 features of the Galaxy S4 camera, the rear facing camera only allows for use of six.
  • The flash is unusable(of course) with the rear facing camera.
  • Automatic light adjustment does not work with rear facing camera.
  • Facial detection does not work with rear facing camera.
  • Zoom does not work with rear facing camera.
  • The zoom on the forward facing camera gives off a fuzzy resolution at full capacity, disrupting the quality of the photo.
  • The flash can sometimes out shine figures being photoed, therefore making for poor quality photos.
  • lag time is significant without using burst feature.

In Summary

The Galaxy S4 Camera comes with a variety of features, both having positive and negative effects on photos. Compared to the overall quality of photos and features of the Galaxy S4 camera, ultimately this device surpasses many others in quality, diversity and precision. One just has to know how to Tweak It A Bit.

Has The Galaxy S4 Camera Wowed You?????

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