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Galaxy vs. iPhone vs. Pixel: Mobile Phone Driver Feud!

Updated on September 17, 2017

Dreammore Tech - Episode 2 - Galaxy S series vs. iPhone series vs. Pixel series

The 3 Biggest Smartphone Series, Brought to us by Samsung, Apple, and Google. Let's Get into the Dirt on Which Mobile Phone Manufacturer Has Created the Best Series.
The 3 Biggest Smartphone Series, Brought to us by Samsung, Apple, and Google. Let's Get into the Dirt on Which Mobile Phone Manufacturer Has Created the Best Series.

Are you Yet to Become a Driver of One of these Mobile Phones?

The Samsung brand has won over the tech world with their Galaxy S series, and have most currently released their Samsung Galaxy S8, a smart phone that has an infinity edge screen, and uses the most recent Android technology.

The iPhone need have no introduction, as the tech world moves in whatever direction that the Apple iPhone series moves in. The most current release for the iPhone series is the iPhone 7, but they have more recently announced the next 2 phone releases in their iconic iPhone series; the iPhone 8 and iPhone X (10th year anniversary edition).

The Pixel is the latest brand of phone by Google that has won over the tech world, as it has the design that mobile phone enthusiasts adore, and Google's technology within the phone is comparable to Samsung's and Apple's, so they are brand to key an eye out for. Heck, they made their way onto this list.

Who's Making the Greatest Mobile Phone Series - Samsung, Apple, or Google
Who's Making the Greatest Mobile Phone Series - Samsung, Apple, or Google

3 Biggest Mobile Phone Brand Series

Every time someone mentions a mobile phone brand it is Samsung and iPhone that make it to the top of everyones wish lists. The Google Pixel phone will be somewhere beneath these two mobile phone giants.

The iPhone brand has shown the most in terms of innovation, and as being a brand that stands alone in a unique category that cannot even be touched by the likes of Samsung and Google.

The mobile phone industry has been booming ever since the innovation of Apple's iPhone that entered onto the mobile phone market in 2007, after being announced by the late Steve Jobs.

The iPhone had superpowers that none of the other mobile phone companies could even imagine having, as they all stumbled out of the market shares that were being fed to Apple's stock market. Although, not everyone immediately rushed out that year to buy the iPhone as it had only just emerged, but it was the leading seller that year.

Many, had initial thoughts when it came to the iPhone original, as it was expensive, different in design, and had no units prior to its release in 2007. This was clearly a minority, because as soon as people got their hands on the iPhone, they would become customers for life.

It was the emergence of mobile phone contracts that truly stole the customers away to Apple's iPhone brand, as it had so much to offer that customers could quite literally feel satisfied with having the same phone for years to come. Apple has long had the ability of selling premium goods at a premium price, that remains premium for the next half a decade, and perhaps even longer.

Samsung took a while to get the kinks sorted out, as in 2010 they release the Samsung Galaxy S. This phone had a much bigger screen than the iPhone's, whilst still keeping it as slim the iPhone, but sadly came with the problems of Android. So, essentially those who would have bought the Galaxy S would have to put up with all of the problems with Android, whilst still paying a similar price to the iPhone.

The Google Pixel has been a shake-up for the company's mobile phone brand, as they were previously known as Nexus, but this was clearly a re-branding exercise that was worth the money that it costed to transition. The Pixel has been well received by its consumers, as they have been said to be the best of Android.

But, we want to get down to the business of who is marketing, innovating, revolutionising, and providing the best smart phones to the world.

The iPhone 7 Has Absolutely Ruined the Cycle for Impeccable Apple Releases Each Year. But, it Seems that Apple Are Getting Set for An Exciting Year with the Announcement for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.
The iPhone 7 Has Absolutely Ruined the Cycle for Impeccable Apple Releases Each Year. But, it Seems that Apple Are Getting Set for An Exciting Year with the Announcement for the iPhone 8 and iPhone X.


Apple's iPhone has been innovating smart phone technology since the original iPhone, released back in 2007. The iPhone has since gone through various marketing transitions, from the iPhone to the iPhone 2, iPhone 3, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, iPhone 7, and the recently announced iPhone 8.

That is not all of it, as in 2017 we have had announcements for the next in the iPhone series, being that of the iPhone 8, but also the iPhone X (aka 10). The iPhone 8 is said to be a fantastic addition to the series, as clarified in the announcement for this years 8 and X iPhones.

The iPhone 8 is going to have an infinity screen design similar to that of Samsung's Galaxy S8, but of course Apple could not use the same name, so they went with fully screened iPhone, and lesser of the plastic edges.

The iPhone 8 will undoubtedly be the most appealing of all of the iPhones that we have seen in the series, so far. But, there is one downside, and that is of the iPhone X stealing away the better technology and advancements from Apple's technology.

The iPhone X has been recently announced by Apple alongside the iPhone 8, but the iPhone X is set to be the future for the iPhone brand, so as you can imagine tech enthusiasts and experts are going nuts for the X. Essentially, it is the tenth year anniversary phone for iPhone, but they could not name it iPhone 10, because that is a phone that we are not expecting to see for another 2 years. Exciting!.. all the same.

The X, not to get confused, is set for release in winter of 2017 alongside the iPhone 8, offering a diverse set of choices for their customers. As, they have listed the iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6S, iPhone 7/7S, and the 2017 launches that will all be available in mobile phone stores around the globe.

Now, we are going to list Apple iPhone's strengths and weaknesses.

iPhone's Strengths

In list order, iPhone's strengths include:

  • Innovation - Apple's iOS software is far superior and unique to that of Androids (used by Samsung, Pixel, LG, HTC, etc.). iOS is also regularly updated to fix bugs, improve service, make the product more efficient, work better with iCloud, and keep the service running on their most up to date software.
  • The hardware - Apple's hardware is far more efficient and reliable than that of their competitors. Apple has the hardware that no other brand has ever come close to beating. They invented the touch screen, the iOS club enabling free texting between Apple iPhone owners (killing Blackberry), better apps, and do everything that Android is unable to do as well.
  • The social acceptance - Apple have long been in the minds of the consumer, due to all of the innovations and mind simplicities when using the Apple iPhone products. Everyones friend has the latest iPhone, or at least one friend out of the few will have one.
  • The marketing genius - Apple have held the greatest hardware since the innovation of their iMac back in the 90s, as this led onto the innovation of the MP3 which created the iPod, and this would happily be the foundation for their next innovation in mobile phones creating the very first iOS smartphone, the iPhone. Apple has always marketed their products with the future in mind, and the iPhone has done just that, and where they succeed, they re-succeed in their efforts until the end of time.
  • A year ahead - Apple's iOS technology is a year ahead of their competitors, the closest being Samsung (S series), but even they dwindle in a year behinds technology.
  • Apple never fail to impress - Apple's iPhone series has been living up to the Apple reputation since they first entered into the smart phone market, as Apple seeks to outdo their competitors by creating technology that outdoes their nearest competitor by at least a year. This is not cheap, but Apple makes far more money that Samsung do from their smartphone sales.
  • Apple spends more on innovating their smartphones - if the consumer wanted to spend their money wisely as they are going for a top of the end line smartphone, they would be conned out of well earned money if they were to wonder anywhere away from Apple. Android struggles. This is the truth.

iPhone's Weaknesses

In list order, iPhone's weaknesses include:

  • Expensive - customers on a budget when buying their smartphone may find the minimum price for the product to be too high for their disposable income means to purchase. This is in large the greatest of problems behind the Apple brand, as all of their products retain their premium prices because of other technological companies not having the comparable means to compete.
  • Take their time to innovate (in a big way) - Apple, being a year ahead of their technological competitors, have kept their innovative technology a secret from their customers/consumers/competitors, as they would sooner keep the best in wait whilst they make minor adjustments to the year priors series release. This is the case for all Apple ranges, as they have the power to hold back their greatest developments in technology whilst they wait for the market to desperately want what this can offer. This way they make more money long term, and capitalise short term off other technological companies flopping where they should be succeeding.
  • Have not made dramatic changes to the look of the iPhone - This may not be a big deal to many consumers who buy the iPhone year in and year out, as we all look in shock and awe as the Apple team bring us yet another minor change in the grader look of the iPhone. This is due to cost, risk, and worries of the minorities catching on instead of the masses, as it Apple were to say, "screw it, let's create the next smartphone of the future", and changed all but too much about the iPhone shape, there could be an uproar. Sales could plummet, fans could take to the streets in violent protests, and the world could all come to an end. Eventually, Apple will have to change the iPhone's look completely, but this may take another decade by the shape of things.

Samsung Have Been Pushing their Hardware to the Maximum Capacity, and the Galaxy S8 is Sure to Please Consumers with an Infinity Screen that Gives New Meaning to Watching Netflix on your Smartphone.
Samsung Have Been Pushing their Hardware to the Maximum Capacity, and the Galaxy S8 is Sure to Please Consumers with an Infinity Screen that Gives New Meaning to Watching Netflix on your Smartphone.

Galaxy S (Series)

Samsung's Galaxy S series has serviced as the major competition for Apple's iPhone series since the Galaxy S was first announced, and later released in 2010.

Samsung's Galaxy S boasts the use of the Android, a pairing that has in many ways helped other smart phone brands to stay current, as all Galaxy S consumers will know and think well of the Android service. Otherwise, the fan following for the Galaxy S would have dropped off the map by now. Clearly, the Android service is not all too bad, when Apple fanboys start lurking around seeking out to troll the Android smartphones.

The Galaxy S has proven itself to the market to be an interesting phone to approach the Android software, as the S uses Samsung's greatest hardware that they have available in their latest, most current S series smartphone.

From the unique colours, to the unique design of the Galaxy S, there is still much to desire from the phone series when compared to the prestigious brand of Apple's iPhone series.

The Galaxy S series was the first to make the screen of their smartphones bigger, and this to many smartphone users is very appealing. However, Apple's iPhones countered this with their S additions to the iPhone series, starting with the iPhone 6S, and this has been the same since the more recent iPhone in the series. A bigger screen size... With Apple, there is the choice.

Samsung have remained strong still, as there fan following sees them as being superior for one reason or another, and so they more recently with the Samsung Galaxy S8 released their infinity screen that sees the screen run up to the edges of the phone.

Samsung have remained ever so distant from Apple, as they have more recently received copyright/patent lawsuits against their brand for copying the curve from the Apple iPhone brand, and this lawsuit was won so they would sooner save the distress of having similar release dates for their S series, since.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 has made the wise decision to launch their phone earlier into 2017, as to avoid the claustrophobia caused by chaotic iPhone enthusiasts lining up to buy the latest (what will be, the iPhone 8 and iPhone X) iPhone in late 2017.

The Samsung Galaxy S8 had relatively few competitors on the market on their month of release, with the closer of their competitors still being that of Apple, who at the time had their iPhone SE, iPhone 6/6S and the iPhone 7/7S. Although, there have been disappointed Apple fans who did not quite like the iPhone 7 for various reasons, so this may have resulted in Samsung seeing an insurgence of customers for their Galaxy S8 launch.

Galaxy S's Strengths

In list order, Galaxy S's strengths include:

  • The Galaxy S8 has Gorilla glass that makes it tougher and more durable than ever before. Perfect for situations where there may be spills, drops and the difficult situation when you sit on and crack the phones glass. Strangely, this is easy to do, even on a bed with older models for the phones series.
  • The Galaxy S8's metal around the outsides of the phone blend in effortlessly to the phones screen, enabling for a better experience with the phone in use, or otherwise.
  • The Galaxy S8 has a 64-bit core processor that enables for seamless entertainment on the wide screen side view for the phone, when watching Netflix, without the lag interference. Epic entertainment, enabled.
  • The Galaxy S8 uses eye recognition technology to allow you, and only you to unlock your phone and make purchases directly without actually touching the phone.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a Dual Pixel 12MP camera, F1.7 lens and enhanced image processing.
  • Has an app which allows for easy multitasking whilst having the phone in-use.
  • Do you use other Samsung devices around the house (PC, laptop, tablet, etc.)? Then, the Samsung Galaxy S8 can be used as a portal to connect to all of these devices, seamlessly.
  • The Samsung Galaxy S8 has a 64GB capacity. Great for storage, if you have a lot of emails, apps, music and other information stored on the handheld device.

Galaxy S's Weaknesses

In list order, Galaxy S's weaknesses include:

  • Not the superior product - The superior smartphone product on the market is the iPhone 7, as they have a better system for functioning, and the iOS is still yet to be beaten.
  • Samsung have a rocky reputation - There was the lawsuit taken against Samsung from Apple for their patent infringement in using Apple's iPhones curved edge. This lawsuit was won by Apple, so serious desperation can be seen coming from Samsung with their advancements made to their Galaxy S8.
  • Samsung's Galaxy S8 is still yet to make their own competition in the form of straying from Android. The Android set-up is one that almost all of the smartphone brands use, and what would truly take Samsung to new heights would be in offering more in the advancement of software, and not simply their hardware capabilities. A severe lacking thereof innovation.
  • Expensive - Similar to Apple's iPhone, many would have quarrels with the price of their S series, in that it is of a premium price that does not compare to Apple when in usage, side by side.

Google's Pixel Has the Best in-Phone Experience that is Available from Android. A Practical Enjoyment.
Google's Pixel Has the Best in-Phone Experience that is Available from Android. A Practical Enjoyment.


Google finally made the decision to scrap their Nexus series of smartphones, in an effort to bring forth a new smartphone that could be comparable in functionality to that of the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S's series.

Many have transitioned over to the Google Pixel smartphone after coming from the Google Nexus phones. This would be bringing quite the upgrade, as the Pixel is smart looking, desirable, feels good and quick in use, and has a set of specifications that impress.

Not the biggest screen for a smartphone coming in at 5 inches, but definitely comparable in size to that of the regular iPhone 7. If the bigger screens mean a lot to the consumer then this might not be the phone of choice, as bigger screens can be found from the iPhone 7S and Samsung Galaxy S8.

But, if the screen size sounds good, then the rest of the phones specs should not disappoint, as this is a phone that has made every effort to function better than other Android phones. And, since Google have used their own software for the inners of the phone, this is without a doubt the greatest smartphone on the Android market today.

If you were wondering why Google priced the Pixel at £500 for purchase, it is in large due to their smart functions that they have made accessible through the smartphone. They have brought forth their version of Siri, which is very good in use, and comparable on a tech level, that is for sure.

The Pixel has a 12.3mp camera, and Google have put in place a backup for all photos and videos taken on the phone, so they are always organised and accessible.

Google Duo is a simple app that can be installed which is essentially a video calling app that enables you to get face-to-face with your closest friends in the click of a button.

A smart charging application allows for an additional 7 hours of phone life. Google have clearly gone out of their way to make one of the most efficient, reliable smartphones on the market, a need that clearly needed filling.

They have made a good looking smartphone, that is actually functionally brilliant, and this cannot always be said for high-end smartphones on the market today,

Pixel's Strengths

In list order, Pixel's strengths include:

  • Stylish design - you will not be rewarded with the greatest designed smart phone on the planet, but it has all of the key features that makes for a desirable mobile phone in 2017's world of mobile phones.
  • Is Google relevant - everything on the Google Pixel is essentially functioning through the Google company - including such features as Google Assistant (similar to Apple's Siri) who can be spoken to to ask questions, such as to find restaurants near by where you and your friends can eat pizza. This is a reliable function, featured and created by Google.
  • Google evolution - Google have now got the reserved right to innovate at their own pace as they have their own solo software used within Android. Everything good about Android has come in the form of the Google Pixel. If you are a fan of efficient task performing on the smartphones, then the Pixel may be for you.
  • The Pixel is essentially the smartphone that has gone out of its way to make life as simple as possible for the user, getting rid of gimmicks, and the starchy problems that Android has been having now for years, bringing a fresh look at the Android software.
  • Google are going to innovate Android. The Android system has for a long time been going stale as the focus has been put on the hardware and not the software, but Pixel has made the effort to think about the software, as well as their hardware. A rarity in the Android smartphone market.

Pixel's Weaknesses

In list order, Pixel's weaknesses include:

  • Harsh competition - as marketing efforts seem more prominent in the angle of Samsung and Apple. But, Google practically run the web, so there are Google Pixel images plastered all around the internet. Still, many people will see a Google Pixel picture and straight away think of the iPhone. This could take some time. Google needs to work on the design for Pixel so that it stands out as purely unique in the eyes of the consumer.
  • Relying on Android - even though the Pixel has got the full support of the Google company they are still innovating technology that can easily be copied by the rest of Android in no more than a few months. In comparison, Apple's technological innovation takes the rest of the smartphone market a year to catch up with the advances in tech.
  • Cheap knock-off rumours - where were these rumours started, exactly. Well, here, we suppose. The Google Pixel is undoubtedly a unique smartphone on the market, but at a quick glance it looks like a saturated, knock-off version of the iPhone branded series. If anything, this should go in Google's favour, as it means they are at the very least getting design elements right.

Samsung's Galaxy S8 vs. Apple's iPhone 7 vs. Google's Pixel
Samsung's Galaxy S8 vs. Apple's iPhone 7 vs. Google's Pixel


It is time to settle the feud, once and for all! All things considered, the Pixel is simply too far behind in product design innovation to appeal to the wider masses. In truth, the Pixel has better technology than the Samsung brand, even when compared to the Galaxy S8, as Android is better on Pixel than it is on the Galaxy S8. Pixel makes life simpler, which brings one less worry to consumers, as they will feel at home with the Google manufactured smart phone.

The Pixel is more expensive than the Nexus was, but it was clear that Google was not going to win over the masses of smartphone audiences with a lower ranking phone. They had to take the plunge and make a high-end production smart phone, and the Pixel has secured them a place as the number 3 contender on this list, but they are far from the best. This would take years of product innovation, series marketing, product enhancements, and a whole ton of additional buyers for their series products for them to get above the third place position.

Samsung's Galaxy S series comes in at second place, and this was inevitable due to their poorly constructed innovations that simply look like they are a year behind the iPhone in innovation, let alone actually being a year behind Apple innovation-speaking. It always shows in the final result for the Samsung Galaxy S8, but there will always be an audience for the Galaxy S as consumers rebel against the iPhone brand, but in the end Apple simply offers the superior product.

The Android system can be glossed up and fantasised in the shell of the Samsung Galaxy S8 all they like, in the end the iOS system that Apple uses is simply too far ahead to make it worthwhile comparing it to the Samsung products use of Android. No one likes Android once they have had a taste of Apple's iOS, but people can get bored of a brand, or want to wonder from comfort, and in these cases Apple users may find themselves using a Galaxy S smartphone device. But, in the end, they all come back to Apple's iPhone, and it is simply because Apple have the most premium smartphone.

Apple's iPhone wins the verdict for this head-to-head-to-head because of there innovation throughout the times, the trends, and the technological advancements, as they are always the first to move the times in a whole new unexpected direction. Creating the future was once seen as something that technology could not do, but rather hinder, and Apple was a part of the futures creation in technological advancements. This is why we have chosen to cast Apple's iPhone series as the winner for any list comparing mobile phone brands, as they have never feared competition, and this especially comes into effect when comparing Apple to Microsoft, as Apple have always shunned Microsoft's advancements in order to make their own.

Apple is unique in all forms, and have never accepted the status quo, which is ultimately why they have beaten all of their competitors in the smartphone market. Similarly, how they have done the same in the PC/laptop, and tablet markets, in that they distance themselves from their competition to make the impossible finally possible.


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