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Game Sized High With Very Low Spec Computers. Overclock VGA Solutions

Updated on June 21, 2016

OverClock NVIDIA VGA card with RivaTuner

The most gamers are using a Windows Operating System as a platform for playing games but what if the VGA card that we have a lackluster? Money, too, were insufficient to buy a new VGA card is more powerful then what is the solution? OverClock VGA Card!

Many gamers difficulty getting information on how to overclock the VGA Cardnya, quiet, authors will disclose it to you! That is so easy to overclock NVIDIA VGA card with RivaTuner and get ready to play the game more mantab and satisfied although sometimes not always so

The author here will overclock the VGA Card is old enough that NVIDIA GeForce2 MX 100/200 32 Mb, though quite old but for maenin 3D games that are not too heavy like ItalianJob, WillRock and others went very smoothly, especially after Crazy Taxi 1024x768 resolution fixed Gone.

First provide the first 2 courses before starting that PC Wizard 2006 to check the GPU Frequency Memory Frequency and GPU on your graphics cards. To OverClock of course you can use RivaTuner, in fact many tools to overclock VGA but the authors chose RivaTuner because this tool has a complete feature.

Oh yes before using RivaTuner if there is a tool to overclock VGA street in PC then delete the first tool to overclock VGA Card more you have because it could be a conflict between the tool and the writer ever experienced so ahkirnya can make a detonator NVIDIA missing, but not too in worry about it is precisely the loss of the NVIDIA detonator game CRC 2005 can ramp

Now consider the image below

GeForce2 MX 100/200 32 Mb have the GPU Frequency: 175MHz GPU and Memory Frequency: 334.09 MHz which is what we will increase it later became lebuh high speed.

This is a view on RuvaTuner program to change the features of Core Clock and Memory Clock, first check out the "Enable Low-Level hardware-overclocking.

Detect Click on the menu options and a champion display as below:

VGA overclock ready to be done, we stayed just pull the Core Clock and Memory Clock to limit the blue line to the right, then we click Test selection.

After clicking the test then there is a process and after the test is successful then check the Apply overclocking at Windows Startup and select Apply or OK.

Now we are back with the program PC Wizard 2006 Wow! Currently GPU Frequency: 219.98 MHz GPU and Memory Frequency: 422.38 MHz, if you want more details on the testing can use Bencmark in PC Wizard 2006, the following table test results.

Before overclock :

-GPU Frequency : 175 MHz GPU Memory Frequency

-GPU : 334.09 MHz

After overclock:

-Frequency : 219.98 MHz Memory Frequency

-GPU : 422.38 MHz

Good luck overclock, careful in doing overclock, any damage to both computer software and hardware for this article is not the responsibility of the author.

greeting sytembost


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