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Gaming PC Under $1500

Updated on July 6, 2009

Millions of PCs are flooding everywhere every day on the internet. The prices vary from $300 to $3000. Since there're so many specifications for both Desktop PCs and Laptops and I am a gaming zealot, I wrote this guide for people who share the same interest while don't have ideas which best fits them.Let's start with our Gaming PC Under $1500 Guide.

Get Your Custom Gaming PC under $1500
Get Your Custom Gaming PC under $1500

Why Custom Gaming PC?

 You can see millions of PC series around with detailed technical specifications. While there're so many good words in them and features & functions with beautiful name that confused you. Is that feature any good? To me, I think most of that kind is basically a smart trick to attract your eye balls. What we need to focus on is some basic ones that are essential for the overall performance of Gaming.

Owing to different reasons and consideration of cost control, most PC manufacturers design many series of desktops and laptops to focus on only one or two points while play some smart tricks on the rest part of the hardware specifications. They might also add some useless funactionalities to make the product seem more valuable. Actually, to me, some of them are ridiculous jokes! We're gonna talk about everything we need know. Let's read on.

CPU: Intel Vs AMD
CPU: Intel Vs AMD

CPU (Central Processing Unit)

CPU is the first factor we need to concern. It's the commander. At present, Duo Core CPU has become the stardard option, no matter you choose Intel or AMD. That's gonna work for most of the current video games.

The 45nm technique based CPU has become the most popular than the 65nm based CPU for its faster computing. While the latter is more economic for people with limited budget. It doesn't make distinguishing difference.

Computing Frequency: Above 2.0 GHz is recommended for current standard configuration.

Memory: DDR2 Vs DDR3
Memory: DDR2 Vs DDR3

Memory / Ram

Memory is the second important factor to consider. It's the battle field tunnel which all the data is going thru. It sets the up limit of the commander's data processing capability.

DDR3 and DDR2 memories are the most popular types around the market. Some people wonder whether they need to upgrade their memory from DDR2 to DDR3. Here's a nice hub for you to know details.

DDR1, DDR2, DDR3: Navigating The RAM Maze

Graphics: NVIDIA Vs ATI
Graphics: NVIDIA Vs ATI

Graphics (GPU)

Graphics is a unit designed for graphic processing only. It's crucial for a good quality graphic effect, especially important to video games. There are mainly two manufacturers NVIDIA and ATI who design the core chips of the Graphics. Personally, I prefer NVIDIA's product.

  • NVIDIA GFORCE 9600m GT is probably the most popular graphics at the moment. If you are looking for a Gaming PC for a good graphic performance and a moderate price, that's your choice. Do check the PC's Specs.
  • 256 bit memory bus making the processing much faster
  • 1Gb dedicated memory for graphics processing.
  • See details on

Monitor: What Size You Need
Monitor: What Size You Need

Screen (Monitor)

Of course, what I am talking about here is all about the wide-screen(16:9) rather than the traditional screen(4:3).

For Desktop Gaming PC

  • I think 19" is just enough, not big nor small, just right. But if you'd like to watch movies or something, just try 21".

For Gaming Laptop(Notebook)

  • I think the most popular 15"4 is the best choice. Forget about 17" stuff. That's not good at all. Too big for a laptop, unnecessary.

Hard-Drive: What Storage You Need
Hard-Drive: What Storage You Need

Hard Drive (Hard Disk)

To me, 250 Gb is the minimum, for I have too much stuff to storage.The bigger the better.

While if you do have something important that needs permanent storage, you should think about using a burner to store all the data into one single disk. That would be the way I do.

Stereo: Professional Vs Normal
Stereo: Professional Vs Normal


 A good stereo is crucial to a gamer. Since the 6.0 channel Sound Card is very popular embedded in the PC mother board, we are able to fully utilize that.

DVD-Rom: Read-only Vs Burner
DVD-Rom: Read-only Vs Burner

DVD Rom / Burner

If you have lots of data to store permanently like me, you really need to get a DVD Burner or even a Blue Ray Burner.Store everything you need on a single disk. Very convenient. Don't you ever try to store any important info on a Flash Disk, that's very risky. You don't know when that Flash Disk ends its life forever.

  • Average storage of a DVD is about 4.5 Gb.
  • Average storage of a Blue Ray DVD is about 20 Gb.

Big Enough for You? I think so.

XP Vs Vista
XP Vs Vista
PC Misc
PC Misc

XP or Vista?

Actually there's no need to add a question mark above in the title. XP is by far the best. Vista is a crap. Forget about Vista. If the PC dealer want to charge more by offering a upgrade from XP to Vista, you can just say NO to him.


As a game player, you may need many miscs to have a better experieces.

  • Game Console(Gamestick) for PC
  • Drive Wheel (For NFS or something)
  • Headset (For CS?)

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      Gaming Laptop Buying Guide 7 years ago

      WOW your information is awesome, thanks mate.


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