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Garmin Android

Updated on July 16, 2012

Smartphones have been growing more and more popular as of lately, which is no doubt due to their incredible usefulness. Smartphones can do everything from play music, browse the internet, and even play video games! Smartphones have truly become integral to living in the twenty-first century. And no type of smartphone operating system is more unique of versatile than the Android. One very important feature imbedded in most smartphones, including Androids, is GPS. This unique feature transmits data of where the phone is to a satellite, which allows for numerous useful applications such as data of what is nearby, or real-time maps of an area.

Garmin Navigator

The easiest, most efficient map for Androids is without a doubt the Garmin Navigator. This useful application allows the user to view real time maps of an area, complete with traffic and prices of gas. The app also has built in social media functionality, which ensures that one will never lose touch with one’s friends. Numerous voices are also an option, allowing the user to customize their Garmin for Android however they see fit. These unique features no doubt increase the functionality of the app, transforming it from a mere map application into a personal roadside assistant for all causes and situations. Garmin Navigator is just one of the many useful apps provided by Garmin for Andriod.

Garmin Fit

Another incredible app provided by Garmin for Android is Garmin Fit. This is not a map application, this app is a personal fitness trainer embedded with numerous steps to help one stay in peak physical condition. The app can track walking or running stats while exercising, which can be a great personal motivator to beat one’s best times. A music feature is also included, which allows the best personal soundtrack to be selected for a workout. You can even share your workout statistics, thanks to the built in social media functionality. Garmin Fit is an incredibly useful tool for staying in shape.

Garmin has provided an incredible amount of fantastic tools for Android. Thanks to Garmin, there is a wide variety of useful apps available for the Android smartphones. Garmin uses the Android software in unique and exciting ways, ensuring that a top quality product is achieved. It is highly recommended that one acquires a Garmin app for their Android smartphone, the app will no doubt serve a great purpose and tremendously improve the user’s quality of life.

Garmin Apps

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