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Three Great Ideas for Quick and Easy Blog Posts

Updated on November 22, 2016
Natalie Frank profile image

Natalie Frank (Taye Carrol), a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology; publishes short stories, flash fiction, novellas & prose poetry.

Three Ideas to Happy Blogging
Three Ideas to Happy Blogging


Everyone who starts a blog, especially for the first time, is excited about the new venture. "After all", they think,"how hard can it be?" "I’m never lacking in something to talk about so coming up with ideas will be a snap." Then two weeks in, the excitement fades as the reality of generating a steady stream of posts on a regular schedule hits. Another week and you are scrambling for new ideas and after one more week passes the venture you were so excited about a mere month before is now something you’ve come to dread.

Yet this is not how it has to be. Finding a few great ideas for posts will let you switch between them such that you never feel you are stretched too thin by way of an excessive amount of possible topics. Focusing on a few types of posts will also let you become really good at writing those particular kinds and will help you generate more traffic as readers know what types of posts to expect from you. Some bloggers feel that it’s better to have dozens of different types of blog posts yet this can leave readers confused about what the blog is truly about. readers having little idea of what may be coming next can lead to a low number of followers and dropped followers.

If you write just three posts a week and keep it to these three kinds of posts on a set schedule, you will find it quick and easy to take care of your blogging responsibilities each week especially one you have a system in place and are used to writing them. Each can be expanded into a practically endless number of individual posts. The possibilities ae as endless as your imagination.

Excited Over Blogging

Are you as excited now after writing your blog for a while as you were at the beginning?

See results
Be Prepared to Conduct a Quick Interview Wherever you go
Be Prepared to Conduct a Quick Interview Wherever you go

Using Interviews to Spice Up Your Blog

Interviews are a good way to get a break from needing to create your own content every day. While it may sound labor intensive and the opposite of quick, interviews can be conducted anywhere you go as part of what you are already doing. Going out to eat? Great – grab a manager and find out how they got their start in the restaurant business. Need to go shopping? Ask someone at a retail store about how they choose their inventory and how much input shopper have into the selection.

You can generate interesting topics to interview someone practically anywhere you go where there are other people. Subway delayed? Ask random passengers what alternatives they rely on when this happens and they absolutely have to be somewhere. If you know any celebrities or people who would generate interest due to the area the work in or know about or because of a specific business they own or work for, all the better. If you don’t, try to contact local celebrities online and supplement this with some answers they have given to fans in their comments section. If this fails, maybe you are familiar with a local business that has a picture of a celebrity who was a patron. Interview the owner or someone who was there when the celebrity came it.

Go through your contacts list. You are guaranteed to find at least a few people in a specific area to interview based on your own interests. Don’t forget about your family and friends. Everyone knows someone who will make for an engaging interview. Remember that it’s the questions asked that create a winning interview. Think of what you might like to know that the interviewee would be expected to be knowledgeable about. If you run out of questions to ask someone you know, use the personal angel. Ask them what they can tell you about themselves that people would love to hear about, get them to tell you a secret about them that no one would suspect or ask them to describe their most embarrassing moment.

Often “local” interviews with people in a specific city or geographic area can form the backbone of an entire blog with the need to generate unique content cut down significantly. Do you know someone who is an expert on the city you live in? Get them to tell you about things about the location that are off the beaten track. Meet a local real estate agent at a party? Interview them about the strangest, scariest or most beautiful house in your area. Are you still in school? Interview a professor about their advice for getting into college or someone in the financial aid office about little known grants, scholarships, state specific and college specific funding opportunities for college students.

Interview people who have jobs with enviable perks on how they were hired (e.g. live theater ushers who get to watch whatever play they works). Ask people you know that are involved with hiring what questions the ask applicants and what are some of the best answers they have heard. Ask friends and family what job benefits they value most and what job benefits they don’t have but wish they did. If you know anyone who works from home, ask them how they found their job and what other work at home positions they looked at.

How to Interview People about Their Life Stories

Without too much work you should be able to generate several easy interviews a week. When you consider all the people you know including online friends and contacts, you will be surprised at how many ideas for interview topics you come up with. Interviewing people at places you are going to anyway you will never run out of potential interviewees. Some ideas for interviews include:

  • Restaurant Managers, Owners, Servers
  • IT Experts on Computer Security (Can be a friend who know a great deal about the topic)
  • Social Media Experts
  • Movie Cinema Projectionist
  • Life Theater Ushers
  • Social Media Experts (Again consider friends with a lot of formal or informal knowledge in the area)
  • Tour Guides or People Working Visitor Sites
  • Interior Decorators
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Police Officers
  • Firemen
  • Paramedics/Ambulance Drivers
  • Emergency Dispatchers
  • Religious Leaders
  • Actors in a Local Theater Production
  • Educators
  • College Financial Aid Staff
  • Peers with Interesting College Majors
  • Celebrities
  • Local Athletes
  • Member of the Press Covering a Local Event
  • Community Leaders
  • Volunteers
  • People in Non-Profit Positions
  • People Working in Startups
  • Physicians and Other Health Professionals
  • Owners of Gyms

The list can literally go on without end so give some thought to who you know and places where you will be going and who there is likely to have an interesting take on the establishment or their role within it.

Grotta Palazzese Restaurant -  Puglia Italy
Grotta Palazzese Restaurant - Puglia Italy

Generate Interest with Off the Beaten Path Posts

Travel posts are very popular but you may wonder what you can add to what’s already been written on well-traveled locations. Many people vacation in the same place multiple times, have a vacation home somewhere or simply want to be able to say they did something out of the ordinary during their time off. There is all kinds of information written on the topic of “off the beaten path” for popular locations. For example, instead of writing about the places people usually go in Israel, write about the underground boat trip in Ramla that takes you to an eighth-century arched structure called The Pool of Arches. Rather than just discussing the beaches and nightclubs in South Florida, write a post on JFK’s bomb shelter at Peanut Island off the coast of Riviera Beach. As an alternative to another post about the best rides at Disneyland, talk about the secret passages in the park and the little known Snow White’s Grotto and Wishing Well. Ideas for Off the Beaten Path posts”

  • OTBP by Country
  • OTBP by Major City
  • OTBP Amusement Parks and Attractions
  • OTBP Restaurants
  • OTBP Hotels
  • OTBP Tours
  • OTBP Experiences/Adventures (e.g. Chase a Storm in Tornado Alley, Zipline Over Rainforest Canopies)
  • OTBP Vacations
  • OTBP Wedding Locations
  • OTBP Travel for Boomers, Millennials etc.
  • OTBP for Retirement
  • OTBP for Online Clothes (Shoes, Home Decorations, Art et.) Shopping
  • OTBP Book Reviews

Mudskippers:  Fish that Walk on Land
Mudskippers: Fish that Walk on Land

Get Followers with Truth is Stranger that Fiction Posts

Look for the really crazy stories that make you ask “What were they thinking? How could someone do that? WHY would someone do that? Who would do that?” Good sources for these types of posts are Bizarre News, a GopherCentral product. They send out free weekly newsletters publicized with the slogan “Scanning the globe for the weird, strange and stupid.” Sign up for the newsletter here. The BOB & TOM Radio Show is another good source for these types of posts. The show is an upbeat comedy program based on the day’s news, sports and contemporary lifestyle choices. Find local stations the show plays on here. Some ideas for Truth is Stranger that Fiction Posts can be found below.

  • Bizarre Stories From History That Are Stranger Than Fiction
  • News Headlines that Show That Truth is Stranger than Fiction
  • List Three Equally Odd “Facts” about a Person, Place or Thing With One Being Untrue and Tell About Each, Offering a Surprising Outcome
  • Debunk Popularly Accepted Myths and Then List Related Things Thought to Be Myths that Are Actually True
  • Look into Urban Legends and Discuss Which Have their Basis in Fact and Which are Made Up
  • Use ideas related to the topic of “People do the strangest things”.
  • Discuss Weird News Stories (e.g. Weird News)
  • Look at Popular Superstitions and Research Which Have a Factual Basis and Which Came About in a Coincidental Manner
  • Discuss Oddities Found in Nature
  • List some of the Bizarre Things You Can Buy Online or Offline (e.g. Cult of the Weird)

Use These Three Types of Posts and Stop the Frustration
Use These Three Types of Posts and Stop the Frustration


While there are many lists out there with 25, 50 or even 100 different ideas for blog posts, don’t get carried away with the choices because many appeal to you. Bloggers who write on numerous ideas and categories can come across as scattered, and the blogger often becomes overwhelmed, erratic, and inconsistent in posting. They may even give up on the blog entirely.

While it likely that all of us could come up with creative blog posts if we had all the time in the world or had no other obligations in life the reality is those things that can’t be put off come first and are always coming up such that writing a blog post gets pushed to the back burner. Establishing a schedule with a few types of blog posts, that can be easily and quickly generated, such as the three discussed here, decreases the chaotic feel of a blog, lets readers become comfortable with the blog format and gives you breathing room to continue to enjoy writing your blog and not have it become another onerous duty you’d rather avoid.

Enjoy Blogging and Stop the Chaos
Enjoy Blogging and Stop the Chaos

***Please Address Any or All in the Comments Section***

How many posts a week do you think are optimal and why?

Are a greater variety of different topics preferable to a more focused approach?

Are a greater number of types of posts better than a few number?

Do you feel that in trying to generate unique content frequently you become overwhelmed or burnt out? If So, have you discovered ways of dealing with this?

Thank you for Your Comments. Reader knowledge always adds value to any post and your effort is greatly appreciated.


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    • Natalie Frank profile image

      Natalie Frank 9 months ago from Chicago, IL

      Great! A regular writing schedule is often the hardest thing to establish and one of the best methods of getting into a regular writing habit. Keep up the good work!

    • aesta1 profile image

      Mary Norton 9 months ago from Ontario, Canada

      I write when I am inspired though lately, I try to write first thing in the morning to discipline myself. It seems to be working for now.

    • kasiaeliza profile image

      Katarzyna Aleksandrzak 12 months ago from Lodz, Poland

      The answer is simple - when I was pregnant and have only one child I have more time. Now I have two kids (2,5 years and 4 months old) and free time only evenings and even not each. Traffic raise when the school year began in September - not huge but I don't expect miracles and I'm happy for each comment or adsence click.

      No, no artistic pictures :) Paint I mean use Paint program or GIMP. My pictures are rather schemas than masterpieces, I also use Google Maps with my adjustments and free licenced photos from pixbay or my own photos.

    • Natalie Frank profile image

      Natalie Frank 12 months ago from Chicago, IL

      Coming up with a series of topic ideas is a great strategy for a niche blog such as yours and your ability to generate that many titles is amazing! You definitely have your work cut out for you I agree. If you have so many topic ideas already laid out, if you don't mind my asking, why do you just write 1-2 a month? Is that enough to get you significant traffic? You said you paint pictures and maps - so you create the images artistically by actually painting them? I will definitely visit your blog.

    • kasiaeliza profile image

      Katarzyna Aleksandrzak 12 months ago from Lodz, Poland

      That's right. I like geography in school, but my job is a different area so I started to write this to keep in touch with a subject. Well, my blog is rather educational, so at the beginning I created a list of 200-250 topics like "Tides" or "Goal mining in the world" or "Demography"- they are similar to normal lessons in high school. Then I add next 50-100 topics about popular travellers and discoverers, 30-50 topic about maps like "Deserts in the world", 50 for children like "Why the sky is blue" and few books to review. So I have more than 450 topics and I wrote till now only 50. I think I have got work on next few years :)

      My posts have average 4300 characters (maps' posts are shorter - 1700-2000, posts about discoverers are longer even 10000 characters). I write one post hour or two, but next hour-4 hours it takes painting pictures and maps.

      So far I don't need any of your suggestions but after I fulfil my list I try something new I guess. And of course I invite you to visit my blog, the link is in my profile.

      Do you write a blog too? I see only your professional history in profile.

    • Natalie Frank profile image

      Natalie Frank 12 months ago from Chicago, IL

      So your niche is geography? Did you ever at the beginning, try to go broader than that topic or did you always realize that was your area and thus the topic of your blog? Even in geography though there are multiple areas correct? I have written on medical geography which I found to be quite interesting and intersecting my own focus on health promotion and risk prevention. Do you focus on one type of geography for your blog? How do you generate ideas and decide which you'll use? About how many hours would you say it takes to produce one post and how long do they typically tend to be? Have you ever used any of the three suggestions listed here?

      Thanks for the input!

    • kasiaeliza profile image

      Katarzyna Aleksandrzak 12 months ago from Lodz, Poland

      I wrote 2 posts per week, but now I have not so much time so I publish 2-4 posts per month. I'm never overwhelmed by a lack of topics because geography is very rich of different issues.