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Genesis Framework And Why You Need It

Updated on April 20, 2015

So, why the hype? Why Genesis Framework? There are more than 20 currently available WordPress Theme Frameworks, then why only Genesis? The simple answer to this is that Genesis is the BEST. Genesis Framework has been a revolution in WordPress Theme Frameworks. Until the rise of Genesis, Thesis was a market dominating framework, but not today.

Do I Really Need A Theme Framework?

If you are serious about your site, you should be using a WordPress Theme Framework. Without getting into the details, let me tell you that there are many advantages of using a WordPress Theme Framework instead of a standalone parent theme. A Framework defines the structure of your website, separating design from code. It offers flexibility to website customization and you don’t really have to worry about an update breaking your website. WordPress Theme Frameworks also have incredible SEO optimization options and active user communities.

Why Genesis Framework is Awesome?

Though there are many WordPress Theme Frameworks with varied features, Genesis is the one that really is awesome. It has so much to offer that once you get it live on your site, you will be surprised by its features and customization options. Anyone can find their way with the help of Child Themes bundled with the Genesis Framework.

1. SEO

Genesis Framework is optimized for the best possible Search Engine visibility so that your potential visitors/clients have a better chance of landing on your site compared to that of your competitors. Even a simple and free SEO plugin like Yoast’s SEO can do wonders for you. Genesis also makes Google Authorship Verification incredibly easy. Copyblogger Media, the parent company of StudioPress who built the Genesis Framework hired Search Engine pioneer Greg Boser to optimize Genesis for Search Engines.

2. Responsive HTML5 Design

Genesis is responsive inside out. Most child themes are built on the industry standard HTML5, so that your site is protected against future web changes. It ensures that your site is also cross-browser compatible and delivers media like audios and videos flawlessly. StudioPress provides beautifully crafted child themes to give your site a unique look and feel and you of course can do it on your own.

3. Security

Websites are vulnerable to hack attacks and WordPress powered sites are no different. The Genesis Framework provides air-tight security (as what they call it). All security best practices are taken care of under the guidance of WordPress security expert and developer Mark Jaquith.

4. Hassle Free Updates

Genesis offers hassle free updates and you really don’t have to think about the customization made, all will be taken care of by your child theme and you won’t lose anything.

5. Widgets Ready

Genesis comes with many integrated widgets to enhance your user experience. These widgets will save you about half a dozen mandatory plugins like social follow, signup forms and more. You can also use those widgets beyond the sidebar, anywhere in the content.

6. Theme Options

You can customize the look and feel of your website to a considerable degree without touching a line of code. Genesis Framework comes with extensive theme options with unlimited color schemes, 6 layout options and much more. Now, you can even set different layouts for each of your posts and pages.

7. Ease of Customization

Genesis makes it very easy to customize your website even if you know ZERO coding. But if you are a WordPress developer or designer, there is no limit to what you can do with your site. And most importantly, adding more widgets and functions won’t slow it down, that’s the beauty of Genesis.

8. Advertising Ready

Almost all Genesis Framework themes are advertising ready. They are built with your earning source open, i.e. banner ads and key ad slots are kept open to advertising. Just insert your ad codes and you are good to go.

9. Fast Page Load Time

Nothing slows down a site like bloated code. So, the Genesis Framework and every child theme on StudioPress are beautifully coded and they of course mean it when they say “Code is Poetry”. Moreover, Genesis has some extra widgets built in so as to take some load off your website.

10. Moneyback Guarantee

StudioPress has a great belief on Genesis that it provides a full refund within 30 days if you are not satisfied with your Genesis Framework purchase.

11. Detailed Tutorials

Genesis comes with lots of documentation and tutorials to guide you all the way. There are also tens of unofficial websites and forums who offer free Genesis tutorials.

12. Unlimited EVERYTHING

If you purchase the Genesis Framework, you will get the license to use it on unlimited websites, even client sites. You will also get access to theme updates for life. Moreover, even after a few years, if you find yourself lost in the Genesis Framework or any child theme StudioPress has to offer, Genesis Premium Technical Support Team will be right there to help you.

13. It’s Inexpensive

f you are looking for WordPress Themes and if your pocket permits, I would better suggest you purchase the StudioPress Pro Plus All-Theme Package. Of course it costs $399.95; it would save you lots, with a theme costing just $9.30 and that too, for life. You can use the currently available 43 StudioPress built Genesis Framework themes on your personal websites, client sites or you can use them to give unique looks to your site every alternate week. It’s not just that, all future SudioPress themes will also be yours, without spending an extra penny plus lifetime theme updates and lifetime technical support comes free. If you are instead looking for a single theme, you can choose any Genesis child theme ($99.95) bundled with the Framework. There is also a third option and may come handy if you are a sort of developer and love playing with codes. You may purchase just the Framework for only $59.95.

© 2015 Bijit Sharma


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