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Get Career Advice Through User Friendly Mobile Apps

Updated on September 3, 2014

Career counseling through cutting-edge technology

Career counselors and experts can guide you on the basis of your interests and academic performances. If you take a wrong career decision, you may have to regret for it your whole life. You might even know what field of jobs will be good for you. Career experts can help you choose the right kind of job for you. You may wonder that where you can come across career experts who can guide you and you might not even have the time to visit a career counselor. In this world of technology, all you have to do is try out the apps on your mobile phone. The apps are engineered with the latest cutting-edge technology which can allow you to apply for jobs on the go.


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Apps for the job seekers

With the advent of mobile apps, now it is easy for the job seekers to apply for job positions easily. Some mobile apps even assist in career planning, channelizing the search process for jobs, intimating the job seekers about the vacant positions in different organizations and even allowing them to upload or mail their resumes to recruiters. You do not have to take the headache of looking for a reputed career expert as your expert for career guidance is in your hands; you just have to know how to make the most of it. You just have to follow constant updates through the powerful tools in your mobile phone.

The apps which can help to get the right advice on your career

iPQ Career Planner

This free app is compatible with your iPhone or iPad and which can drive away your dilemma about choosing the most suitable career path for you. This app consists of a 52 question assessment through which you will be able to analyze your strengths and weak spots and get suggestions about the matching and suitable jobs and careers for you. This app will be ideal for you if you are a recent graduate or those seeking the correct career path. You can find this app through your favorite iPhone as well.



This iPhone and iPad friendly app can aid you to keep a track of all your job hunting activities by organizing you’re your contacts, follow-ups, events and actions. You will be able to track the upcoming interviews. This app costs $4.99 but the amount will seem meager when compared to the utility of this smart app.



This free app designed for iPhone, android and iPad launched by the most popular job portal This app works using Facebook timeline and allows sharing professional and educational accomplishments and facilitates users to recommend the best educational institutes and companies. This app is ideal for the avid users of Facebook.

And finally some more..

Other notable apps are Rel-Time jobs by twitter, LinkUp, Interview Prep Questions, etc. The advent of these apps has revolutionized the entire process of job search and career counseling.

4 out of 5 stars from 1 rating of Career Advice Apps

© 2014 Baldevraj Sahdev


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