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Get Emoji On Your AnDroid

Updated on January 5, 2012

Emoji On Android

What Emoji looks like in Android OS
What Emoji looks like in Android OS

You Must Be Rooted First

You Must Be Rooted, I take no responsibility if you damage your phone.

Download files; - Download All Files
DroidSansFallback.ttf (13.7mb) Credit For making the font file goes to DVS MNO - AndExplorer app Root Explorer app - Type Fresh

First download app, "Download All Files", some phones / versions will require this to get around restrictions in the browser of what file types you can download. Even if you don't need this, it has a handy dandy feature that allows you to save files directly to any folder on your sdcard. Who can't use that?

Next, download the font file, DroidSansFallback.ttf linked above. This may take a few minutes to download.

Then go to settings/applications on your phone and make sure Install From Unknown Sources is enabled (checked), and download and install Root Explorer linked above.

Option 1

I would like to credit Kal'El for providing this options instructions. Visit their Palringo group [no more boxes]

After downloading the font file and installing root explorer;

Open root explorer.

Activate read/write, there should be a gray button in top middle. It should say "mount r/w", push it. If it says "mount r/o", leave it alone. How would you like it if someone pushed you for no reason?

Go to SD card and find downloaded font file from above (first look in download folder or the specified folder if you changed it) . Once found copy the file by long pressing it. (Take note of file size should be 13.7mb)

Go back to main screen by scrolling up and pushing "parent folder" til it disappears like David Copperfield. Then go to system (not sys). Find fonts folder and click on it, paste font file. Select yes to overwrite existing file. (If you can not its because you are in read only, read first part )

Option 2

After downloading the font file and installing andexplorer, and type fresh, or any other font change app that will allow you to pick the file you downloaded;

open the font change ap type fresh and pick droidsansfall and then find the file you downloaded. hit apply fonts, allow permissions, and usually it takes a second time of apply fonts and you get a reboot option. reboot and enjoy emoji

Video How To


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      kr3w 5 years ago

      Works beautiful