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Get Paid to Blog - Indian Slumdog With Cleft Lip Becomes Bollywood Star Blogger

Updated on January 11, 2011

The Early Years

This is a story about a young 16 year old kid: skinny, grimy, mal-nourished with a pronounced cleft lip that used to work as a cup washer and tea delivery boy for a tea shop.

This tea shop had an excellent location. It was right outside one of the largest film studios in Mumbai, India.

Every day this little boy would have the opportunity to deliver tea around the movie studio. As he would wade his way through the crowded and busy film sets, dropping off a cup here and a cup there, he would keep his ears open and his mouth closed.

People largely ignored him because he was poor and disfigured but they also pitied him so they tolerated his presence. He had access to the biggest stars and directors of the Bollywood movie industry.

That little boy loved everything about Bollywood: the bright lights, the glamour, the intrigue and the gossip. He knew who was having an affair outside their marriage, which director was cheating his producers of huge sums of money and which actress was having a lesbian relationship with her hair dresser.

He had access that the paparazzi and the gossip magazines could only dream about. Yet, no reporter thought to ask him any questions as they waiting outside the studio gates to get a sound byte or a glimpse of the stars.

Make Your Own Luck

Now, this young man was very smart. He had heard about the Internet and he knew that anyone could write, get paid to blog make their names online.

He also knew that in the traditional economy, he would always be a disfigured and poor man but on the Internet he could be anything. So he started saving up his money and attending computer school at night.

Two years later, he had his first free blog up online and he had made his first blog post about a Bollywood newcomer who had to sleep with the director and the producer in order to get a five minute role in a film.

He wanted to expose the unethical casting couch phenomenon by which powerful movie moguls would exploit young starlets and he wanted to get paid to blog

Blogger Disappointment

Having written his first article, he waited for recognition. He walked out of the cyber café and believed that his life was going to change after that day. But, then a week went by and nothing happened.

So he went back to the rickety old computer in the ramshackle cyber café and logged on to his site. He had received no visitors. No one had read what he had written. He was flabbergasted!

Determined to not give up, he started researching message boards and found out that people had to really promote and market themselves and their blogs in order to get readership.

He was not a marketer. He knew nothing about Business and Public Relations but he knew he could learn anything.

This Is How It Ends (or Begins)

So he saved for another 3 months and managed to scrounge together a tiny amount of money and after researching many different teachers and gurus, he found the right one and decided to take the chance.

He put all his faith and resources in one teacher to teach him everything about online marketing so he could finally get paid to blog and quit his job at the tea shop

He had found a mentor. This mentor taught the little boy everything he knew about self promotion and six months later, the blog started receiving 5,000 visitors a day.

A year after that, the young writer was approached by one of the largest movie magazines in India, was hired as a contributor and offered more money than he had seen in his entire life.

Now, he is the most well known movie writer in India. He gets paid to blog and he still has his cleft lip.


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    • Don Simkovich profile image

      Don Simkovich 

      8 years ago from Pasadena, CA

      Really? This is a true story? How inspiring and I'm glad you wrote it.


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