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Get a camera for your Kindle Fire HD

Updated on June 14, 2013

Start using your camera

Want a camera working on your Kindle Fire? Why don't you just get a camera app today?

Amazon's Kindle Fire HD sure does come with a front facing camera lens which you can see on the top front spot of your device but getting it to work can prove a burden. Sure, they say you could use it with Skype but I'm not sure everybody uses Skype and besides using Skype requires a wireless internet connection. Getting the right camera for your Kindle Fire HD would actually work better than Skype since it would allow you to use your camera any time, even when your device is offline.

So, I was kinda bothered when I saw friends using their Apple iPad in taking and sharing their pictures but I couldn't do the same with my Kindle Fire HD and so I started looking for other options to activate the Kindle camera besides using just Skype. It wasn't until I checked out the Amazon appstore that I was able to get a camera app that worked!

How I got my camera

I got the above Kindle camera app from the appstore and it has been working nicely ever since with my device. Apart fro just taking pictures of images in it's front, it can also capture motion too, just like a video camera. I guess you could also use it to create a video of yourself or family and upload to YouTube.

The app goes for a very low price of just $0.99 and is mostly available to people who use Kindle Fire HD in the USA but you could easily remove any restrictions you face even if your country is not directly supported.

If you are having problems with getting the Kindle app or any other app from the Amazon appstore, you can always solve the issue by getting a prepaid visa card with a US address and a US ip address and the problem would be solved.

I was able to pay for the camera app with my Amazon gift card since I still have some balance left on it. When you have a gift card or gold coins, you would be able to buy a lot of digital stuff from the Amazon store and easily install on your device.

All it basically takes are:

  • Ensuring your 1-click settings are correct
  • Visiting the Amazon Kindle appstore
  • Searching for Kindle camera apps
  • Selecting a camera app and buying it
  • Allowing installation afterwards

It doesn't take much and you just need to make use of a wireless internet connection and making payment for the app.

Using your camera

What the Kindle camera app can do

Just like a normal physical camera, you could use your Kindle Fire camera to do quite a lot actually such as:

  • Capturing still images
  • Capturing moving images and voice(Video recording)
  • Sharing your pictures and videos using social media

How to run the app

Once installed, just go to apps > Camera app and it would start up, awaiting your next touch. You can take pictures or video by tapping the task you want it to perform.

It works best in an environment with good light in the background. Don't expect to use it in a dark place since it doesn't come with a flash light.


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