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GetClicky - Clicky Web Stats

Updated on February 12, 2012

Review of Get Clicky Website Analytics Tool

I decided to write this hub because I have been using a great website stats tool called 'GetClicky' for several months now and I wanted to share it with my followers on Hubpages because from an SEO point of view I find it particularly useful and actually more user friendly than Google Analytics.

Its free to use for one site as a Pro member for 1 month and after this period you only get the basic features of tracking Individual Visitors, Real Time Data, Search Queries, Referrers and On Site Actions.

Get Clicky

In the image to the right I have displayed the opening account screen, here you will see how many websites you are tracking, I upgraded for the annual membership which was £20 for a year which allowed me to get in-depth stats for 3 websites.

I believe the open interface is good because it allows you to get a quicker more visual overview of how your sites are performing via graphs, whereas Google Analytic's only shows your visitors on the signing in.


There are plenty of unique features I want to talk about for experienced Analytics users, for example, my boss was offered cheaper Adwords campaigns handled by his hosting provider and they did not allow us to connect our Analytics account to their Adwords account and this was skewing our organic search statistics.

I then found out that with Clicky they automatically track which visitors come from Advertising campaigns, they even have cool little icons which make it instantly recognizable whether traffic came from social media, image/video search or an email link.

Website Stats

I also recently had trouble setting up 'Event Tracking' for a button we have on one of our pages, this was an outgoing email link where readers could recommend us to a friend by opening their Outlook Express. Event Tracking is a feature within Google Analytic's and it requires adding a difficult piece of coding next to your links and I wasn't receiving any statistics after tirelessly trying to configure it.

I then emailed the Get Clicky programmer and he quickly got back to me stating that any button links would be recorded in the Outgoing links section, we have since been able to see when a customer recommends us to their friends!

Real Time

I am constantly logged in to Clicky since I enjoy the 'Real Time' stats, I can see in the tab of my browser how many visitors are on our site and as you can see from the image above there is a 'Spy' facility that you can see the exact movements within the webpages.

Obviously there are the other features you would expect such as monitoring what operating systems, web browsers and even an icon to show if searches came from a mobile phone!


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