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What is Google Playing At?

Updated on March 23, 2014

Google Taking on Microsoft et al

After launching a new web browser called Google Chrome, Google is also giving away a free Google Pack which contains at least a dozen free applications.

It is widely believed that Microsoft control 60% of the browser market with Internet Explorer, while Mozilla Firefox controls 20 % and the others like Safari, Opera Maxthon, share the rest.

By launching the Chrome browser, Google is taking Microsoft heads on. According to a BBC journalist, Microsoft are unlikely to be worried, mainly because of their dorminant market position. But for how long? Come to think of it with the amount of free software packed into Google pack, and the features of Google Chrome, many user are likely to be tempted to accept these free offers!

Google Chrome Web Browser

The new web browser from Google, Chrome promises increased speed, security and usability.

I have already downloaded an tried Chrome, I must admit I was quite impressed with its performance. Its definitely worth trying, and I am guessing you will be hooked to it.

Google Chrome Home page

Google Chrome Page
Google Chrome Page

Download Google Chrome

To download Chrome go to:Download Chrome

What is Google Pack?

As described by Google themselves, Google pack is:

  • Software specifically selected by Google,
  • Always free,
  • Ready to use in a just a few clicks.

Google pack includes:

  • Spyware Doctor ****
  • Google Earth,
  • Norton Security Scan
  • Google Desktop
  • Firefox with Google Toolbar,
  • Adobe Reader,
  • Skype,
  • StarOffice for Word processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and more
  • Google Toobar for Internet Explorer,
  • Picasa
  • Google Photos Screensavers
  • Google Talk
  • Real Player

Google Pack page

Google Pack download page
Google Pack download page

Download Google Pack

To download Google pack go to : Download Google Pack

We will appreciate your comments about Google Chrome or pack

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