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A New Operating System To Deal With

Updated on July 31, 2013
The computer is part of my daily routine.
The computer is part of my daily routine. | Source

Shy About New Devices

I know I don't have to be shy.

If I don't learn this device in one day,

I am not going to die.

If the download takes to long,

Or it refuses to change the screen,

I promise to good, I will not scream!

But to find the right tool to use

Would make me smile,

Even if it takes me a little while;

So be patient, dear Self, if it

Can not be recalled-

Learning how to work this

Beautiful computer

Will not make me Bald!

Nothing Stays The Same

OH NO!! I had this reaction the day I came home from work ready to type my new hub. The ideas were swimming in my mind as I drove to and from work. I went to turn on my desktop computer, and I couldn't even connect to the internet. I have dial up internet connection and I knew the bill was paid. I did what I normally do to turn on the computer. The computer had just been checked for viruses and a new antivirus software product had just been added. So what?! The only answer the computer technician could come up with- time to upgrade!

An everyday routine of mine is to sit at the wonderful little desk of mine and turn on my computer. I don't have any of the new fancy components. The monitor takes up the entire desk and the computer itself is pretty big as well. What needed to be done with this 6 year old computer is to go inside and increase its components. A new video card, more memory, and the know how of the computer technician, who I just happened to be married to, to download all those wonderful programs to apply the new operating system to my computer.

When my computer started slowing down before, I called the technician on the phone from the internet carrier service that I pay for. My question in my mind: why do they offer such a service when they can not even see my computer screen? It is compared to calling the doctor, but never visiting the Doctor's office. It is also like calling up the auto mechanic and asking questions about an engine he has never seen. That is why it is essential to find the right person with the right expertise to fix the computer. Well my good fortune in finding a good technician came with saying, "I DO";

One reason I was so slow in deciding to upgrade my computer was because I had my personal files that I did not want to lose. Saving files on CD-R would take forever. The best little devise they did create was the "thumb drive". I was grateful for these little devices because I was able to save all my photos, my documents, and all my music. Thanks for my computer technician's sensitive heart, he was able to do this for me. AND I am so glad I did not lose hours and hours of wonderful music, which is my prized possession as well as my pictures. My favorite computer games as well would have to be reinstalled.

So now I have the new windows operating system. It will take an adjustment since the previous system was so comfortable and easy to use. I compare it to the experience I once had. My first laptop I ever bought had that cute little apple on it. I felt that I had something special there. It had features on it that just can not compare to Windows operating systems. I don't have the luxury yet of owning one of those new notebooks that handles both Macintosh programs with Windows programs. I am just happy that I don't really have to wait a long time to get my computer fixed since there is a computer technician in the household.

You are wondering how I survived 3 long days and nights without my desk top? Thanks for my computer tech husband who found me a notebook which had been refurbished. I am able to take this one to my job and show wonderful videos and read hubs to my private duty patient. She is a young adult who loves the entertainment of the laptop.

Like a surgeon who is skilled at the operating table, and the chef who is preparing a gourmet meal, this computer technician spouse of mine does not like to answer a lot of questions when working. So I just have to trust and believe that my computer will work when I turn it on. Like anything in the world that is produced by man, nothing stays the same. So my suggestion to anyone who is on the computer daily like I am, get your computer system "tweeked" and keep up with the changes in today's technology!

Copyright @2011 CMCastro

UPDATE: Already, there is a Windows 8 Available

I am now adjusted to using Windows 7 Ultimate, and I am comfortable without any issues. But now there is word that Windows 8 operating system available. It does not make sense to start a new operating system so close to the beginning of the one before it. This writer's opinion, yet they have to probably keep up with all the new devices coming out. Too many choices, and now there is a great need for compassion for the newbies to learn how to adjust their computer devices again.


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    • myi4u profile image

      myi4u 6 years ago from United Kingdom

      When something works fine, all is good. When it doesn't, most of us will be cursing and it's the only time we actually appreciate what computer has done for us all this while. Having a computer problem is also annoying especially you have tons of files and pictures. It's really good that your technician has offered to backup the files for you!

    • richtwf profile image

      richtwf 6 years ago

      I enjoyed reading your hub and how lucky you are to have your own computer support technician!

    • Spirit Whisperer profile image

      Xavier Nathan 6 years ago from Isle of Man

      It would be nice if you would also include a link to the completely free operating system called Linux. But thank you for an interesting read and you are lucky to have your very own computer technician lining in and on 24 hour call! LOL