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So you want to learn SQL?

Updated on January 16, 2016

Learn SQL

So you want to learn SQL? Let's start with getting you the right tools for the job.

Step 1: Download SQL Server Express

Click the link below to download your free edition of SQL Server Express edition.


*NOTE: Choose your download wisely.

Be sure to check the appropriate version for your architecture. In my case, I have a 64 bit machine. So I chose:


For 32 bit:


Be sure to also select Management Studio:


Step 2: Install SQL Server 2012 Express Edition

Navigate to your downloads folder and run the executable:


After extracting the appropriate files, a dialogue window will open.

Choose "New SQL Server stand-alone installation or add features to an existing installation"

Accept the license terms and click "Next".

Click "Install".

The installation package will begin installing the setup files. Once every task on the grid is "Complete" you will be able to select the install button. This may take a few minutes.

The "Feature Selection" dialogue will open. Click "Next", accepting all default values until you reach the "Database Engine Configuration" section.

Choose "Mixed Mode" under "Authentication Mode"

Enter a password for the "sa" account(Administrative account). Be sure it meets the complexity requirements, usually 8-characters in length and alphanumeric. *We will eventually use this user to verify the installation.

Click "Next" until you reach the "Installation Progress" section.

Once the installation is complete you'll be able to see an installation summary. All items within this summary should be tagged "Succeeded"

Click "Close" to exit the installation.


You have successfully installed SQL Server Express Edition.


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