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Cheap Electronics - 15 Electronics Projects Under $15 - DIY Electronics

Updated on March 1, 2016


I recently published a hub listing a few good projects for those interested in electronics and are just starting out. If this is you, or if you just want some ideas for fairly easy, generally fun and sometimes useful projects then definitely check it out, in addition to this page. None of them on the list are particularly costly.

However if you really don't have a lot of money to spare then I've compiled a short list of projects you can do for under $15! I wouldn't say that these are all projects appropriate for beginners, though the majority are of a fairly basic level.

15 Projects Under $15

It's difficult to give an exact amount for many of the projects but I will do my best to provide a decent estimation. To find the projects listed just search the sites they're under:


Portable Guitar Amp ~ $10

Haven't you always wanted a guitar amp in a tub? I know I have. Well ok, maybe it's not something I had actually considered before finding this project, still it's a pretty cool idea and having a portable guitar amp may even come in use for some of you budding muscians out there! - This project is on Instructables.

USB Doomsday Device ~ $15

Sure, at the end of the day it's actually only a program launcher, though you could modify it to do a many number of different things. Pretty sweet looking device and surprisingly cheap for a doomsday device! Now there's a worrying thought. - This project is on Instructables.

Chapstick LED Flashlight ~ $7

Simple design and easy to make. If you ever have a reason to hide a torch then a chapstick might just be the perfect disguise! - This project is on Instructables.

Jitter Drive ~ $5

I know it's made using a toothbrush, but I wouldn't advise putting this critter in your mouth! Sure, this doesn't really serve any real purpose but who says everything should have a practical use!? - This project is on Instructables.

Blinky The LED Pet ~ $15

This is possibly my favourite project in this list. Have your own mechanical pet, and no I don't mean one of those silly overpriced robot toy dogs or anything like that. Sure, this may not move, although you could definitely find a way of making it, but this project has a certain appeal to it, and the only word I can think of for it is 'cute', well at least for an electronics project. Anyway, you'll see what I mean when you look at it...or you'll just think I'm a little strange for calling it 'cute.' - This project is on Instructables.

LED Throwies ~ $5 - $15 (Depending on how many you want to make)

Potentially the most colourful of projects on the list. Stupidly simple, and brilliantly colourful. - This project is on Instructables.

Joule Thief ~ $3

This project will drain every last bit of energy out of those batteries you thought were completely dead! There are lots of Joule Thief projects out there, they all implement pretty much the same basic circuit and vary in cost. - This project is on Instructables.

LED Jellies ~ $6 - $15

The 'circuit' is pretty much the LED Throwies circuit, but this time the aim's to make jellyfish! Though I'm not sure how well they would respond to be submersed in water... - This project is on Instructables.

Supercapacitor USB Light ~ $7

The supercapacitor is a fairly interesting component, one worth looking at if you're interested in the theory. This is a pretty simple application for it but cool none the less. - This project is on Instructables.

Vibrobot ~ $10

I think the description on the instructable describes this one the best: " A simple way to pleasure a simple mind... or a complex one who needs a break, so fun for most ages" It's a simple vibrating motor taken from a cheap electric toothbrush and strapped to an altiods tin, nevertheless I assure you it will provide some form of entertainment for you, and well, if it doesn't... then use your imagination to make something different! - This project is on Instructables.

USB Latte Foamer ~ $4

What can I say? Maybe, genius? No, not really. Still, it's novel! If you're fed up of wasting batteries on that cheap latte foamer you got last year for Christmas from your ridiculously distant relative, then this might just be the perfect solution for you! Chances are that whilst you're drinking that coffee you'll be in the vicinity of a USB port, and with any luck that USB port is actually attached or integrated to some sort of device providing a PC or laptop... If that's the case, you can power your latte foamer with it with this project! - This project is on Instructables.

LED Cube Night Light ~ $5

Simple, but effective! Looks great, easy enough to build and inexpensive, you could even build multiple versions in different colours at the minimal cost. - This project is on Instructables.

Fruit Clock ~ $7

You've probably heard about this one, or maybe the potato clock. The advantage of the fruit clock is that it won't rot... as quickly, and looks a lot better! Anyway with this project you can say goodbye to your traditional batteries for that alarm clock and hello to those bright orange juicy battery type... or yellow, green... maybe red or whatever colour your fruit of choice happens to be! - This project is on Instructables.


Beetlebot ~ $10

Set one of these loose in the house and your cat will probably go crazy thinking it's a mouse, but I'm sure once you calmly explain to the cat that it's modelled on a beelte, then it'll stop chasing it. - This project is on Make

Cracker Box Amp ~ $5

Similar to the last portable guitar amp, just this one uses an even cheaper enclosure! - This project is on Make.


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    • skisy profile image

      skisy 6 years ago from Hampshire, United Kingdom

      Yup, you never know when NASA might need a USB Latte Foamer!

    • Mentalist acer profile image

      Mentalist acer 6 years ago from A Voice in your Mind!

      From high school science project to NASA Engineer,you never know.;)