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Killer Guy Gifts - Pocket Tools -by Leatherman Tools and Gerber

Updated on January 26, 2014

Pocket Tools are a Gift Guys Love!

Are you trying to find a gift for a guy that seems to already have everything? No point in giving them something they won’t use. In spite of the fact that they may have a multi-tool, there is still room in any guy’s gadget arsenal for one more! I know this because I have several. The pocket tool comes in many sizes, and “flavors”. I use carry one in my bike kit for when I ride. I have another small one I carry in my travel kit. I love them! And even though I have an entire screwdriver set (Too big, bulky, and inconvenient) it’s my Leatherman Tool that I reach for when I need to quickly take something apart or put it back together.

The Leatherman Tool was designed and created by its founder Tim Leatherman. Gerber known for their “Legendary Blades” came along a bit later to the pocket tool arena. What is interesting is BOTH Gerber and the Leatherman Tool Group are based in Portland, Oregon. Gerber is a division of Friskers Brands, known for their scissors.

Gerber Manufacturers 26 different pocket Tools to choose from including several models you can operate from one hand. Leatherman breaks down their tool line up into Full-Size, Picket-Size, and Keychain Tools to form a worthy compilation of 24 tools. Ladies and even some guys my prefer the Leatherman Tools as they are available in a variety of colors as well.

So again if you are looking for just the “right” gift and have come up short, then might I suggest you consider a pocket tool? Always welcome and very useful, it’s hard to go wrong gifting a pocket tool. So useful in fact I plan on getting a few more!

Leatherman Juice CS4 Pocket Tool

Attractive, Versatile, Well Received by any Guy! Pocket Tools make great gifts!
Attractive, Versatile, Well Received by any Guy! Pocket Tools make great gifts!

A Note to Parents

These tools are not toys. The knife blades are razor sharp and very dangerous, so if you plan on giving one of these to your child perhaps for scouting or camping, make sure you take the time to fully explain how each tool in the kit works and take precautions. Seriously you can not underestimate the potential for accidental misuse.


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  • profile image

    Whittling Knife 7 years ago

    We were issued the Gerber multitool when we deployed to Iraq. Still have mine. There awesome. Nice Hub!