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The best instant messenger - Giggitus

Updated on June 13, 2012

Giggitus instant messenger


Giggitus is an instant messenger plus video chat utility which can be downloaded and installed on your computer for free. This is one of a kind, meet any and chat application. This product is available for personal computers and mobile phones running on iOS and Android platforms. There are thousands of people using this software product to chat with others they meet on the internet. This is a fun filled place with lots of features and help to meet many new people on the internet. You can also view other members’ photos and video recordings with Giggitus instant messenger.

It is free to download and install Giggitus instant messenger on your computer. Once you have installed Giggitus instant messenger on your computer, you can right away start getting into the public chat rooms and start making friends. Your friends list will be flooded even before you know. At some point of time, you might be asked to register with Giggitus instant messenger and do not worry, registering is free too. However, you have to upload a picture of yours with your face seen clearly and also a video. According to Giggitus instant messenger administrators, it is for verifying your age and gender.

You can also personalize your Giggitus instant messenger. You can keep a list of friends whom you contact regularly. You can also easily find videos and photos uploaded by other users here at Giggitus instant messenger. There is also a facility in place for you to share files with other members in the instant chat messenger. Sharing is totally secure and your privacy is totally respected.

When you open the program, you will see different tabs listed on the program interface. The tabs include VIP chat, Free chat, Watch photos, Watch Videos, to make photos and videos, edit your profile etc. When you select the Free chat option, you will be redirected to another page which will ask your age, gender, location etc. You need to fill out the details and click on “start chat” button at the top right corner. Once you are done with this, you will be redirected to the chat page. From the group of people available here, you can choose anyone with whom you want to chat with. When you first land on this page, a random user will be selected to chat with you.

Watch videos is another option which is available in Giggitus instant messenger. Here you can watch pre-recorded videos of existing members. Another option, Watch photos is a similar feature which lets you see photos which are uploaded by the users of Giggitus instant messenger. There are also options to rate the videos and photos which are uploaded by other users. There are four different ratings which you can give. ‘HOT’ is the highest rating you can give for an uploaded photo or video while ‘NOT’ is the lowest rating. In between, you can give a three, five or seven to the video or photo. That is not all; you can also give comments to the uploaded photos and videos. Similar to the other users, there is option for you to upload videos and photos to Giggitus instant messenger and other members can rate you’re uploads. Given all these features, the best feature of Giggitus instant messenger is the video chat feature which any registered user can use. Since registering is also free, Giggitus instant messenger has become one among the best free video chat applications around.


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