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Give Away Of The Day: A Free Licensed Software Download Centre

Updated on May 5, 2011

Every now and then you must have visited a peer to peer file sharing website; searching for your favorite software’s latest edition. Have you ever realized that the men behind the piracy protection center have been watching you? If not, then let me tell you this, you visit a torrent website more than 2 times and you would get a notice from the authorities saying, “You stop it yourself or we know how to make you do the same.”

Well, I have secret for you to know. There is one site which offers free licensed software’s for download. And the name is, ‘Give Away of the Day’.

Give Away of the Day(GOTD), is a website which provides its users with a free licensed software download everyday. It may not seem to be totally true and legitimate to all, reading this article. But I have been using this website for more than 3 years now and I can assure you that it is what it says.

Don’t expect to get Microsoft Office or a software with a big name, actually its better if I say a very very big name. You can however still find software’s which are really good at what they say. So let me help you filter the good ones.

A Step By Step Guide

1. Click here to launch GOTD.

2. See what’s on offer for the day and click on ‘Proceed to Download Page’ link if you wish to download the software or just want to know if it is what it says.

3. Now check the user rating and browse through some of the comments. If you are happy with it, click on the link that says, ‘Download (Name of the Software)’.

4. Once you have finished downloading, open the zip file and read the ‘readme’ text file carefully.

5. Open the setup file. And a small window like the one shown below will appear.

This window appears when you click on the Setup file of the Software
This window appears when you click on the Setup file of the Software | Source

Make sure you are connected to the internet not only for downloading the software but also for installing it. And if you ask, Why? It checks if the 24 hour window to install the software is still available or not. After-all, the offer stands good only for a limited time and you guessed it right, 24 hours.

6. Once you have passed through this check, the original software installation file executes and you may now install the software.

7. A window as shown below will appear after you finish installing the software. 

This window appears after you finish installing your software.
This window appears after you finish installing your software.

In this window you can find the information to activate your free copy and also some other options which includes adding GOTD as a bookmark(which i have done) and installing Software Informer.

Software Informer is the worst piece of software I have ever seen. And i can't believe that GOTD is offering you to download it by default. It's a software in its beta version. It will rarely do any good to you. A better option to check for updates for your software is to go to the help section on the software program window. And I would recommend clicking on the 'Close' button than 'Install Software Informer'.

You are now all set to use your new software for free.

What I don't like about GOTD

Beggar's can't be chooser's, but hey nothing really comes in this world for free. GOTD is giving us free licensed software but i am sure they are earning a lot of money too. So here is a small list of what I didn't like about GOTD:

1. THE 24 HOUR LIMIT: It does not really seem to be a pain to install a software in a 24 hour time period, only if you could reinstall the same copy later on. Sometimes hard drives do crash and sometimes a virus infection leads to a format of the hard disk. So why not give us the option to install the software on the same machine later on, without the 24 hour install restriction.

2. NO FREE TECHNICAL SUPPORT: If you can give a software for free then why not technical support for a week or so. That would really help us sort out our installation and usage doubts.

3. NO UPGRADES: I know we are asking for too much here. Minor software version updates can do wonder to some of the security and usability issues.

Have you visited GOTD today?

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Overall, this website has to be the Best Website to download legit software. Just make sure you bookmark it and visit the website everyday and see what's on offer. You will surely be more than just Happy.


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