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Give Lightning Speed To Your Android Smart-Phone

Updated on May 28, 2015

Speed-up Your Android Phone

Give a Jet-Pack To Your Android-Phone
Give a Jet-Pack To Your Android-Phone | Source

Speed-up Your Android Phone

Android Smart-phones have become the everyday need for everyone almost everyone owns a Smart-phone these days.

But there are a few glitches with them, both will diminish their performance and slow down with the passage of time, no matter if they are posh or cheap, so that’s why it’s essential to keep your Smart-phones updated.

1. Keep updating your Smart-phones:

Keep updating software as per new firmware updates the new overhauls will correct the bugs, and other issues that are present in your smart-phone.

The new updates are basically designed in the wake of knowing the issues that individuals are confronting, so people can update and fix the bugs present in the past updates. So updates are fundamentally as critical for smart-phones as a cosmetics craftsman for a model.

Many individuals disparage this fact & don’t give it that much significance, but it’s damn imperative to upgrade your firmware if you want your phone to perform supremely.

2. Reset your phone:

Reset at least once it eliminates everything & gives your phone a new crisp feeling, it’s just like if a person is re-born type of a sensation.

But backup all of your data before executing this step because it will eradicate everything within the phone, so keep that in mind.

3. Check for low memory space:

A relatively low phone memory could be the reason behind the dawdling performance & dangling your phone is encountering and this tenet applies to all phones, no matter if it’s a Smart-phone, Symbian, or a common cell phone, plus also get rid of unwanted apps from your mobile it will make it a lot lighter.

4. Google play store:

Google play store is another place where you can search for useful apps that can boost your Smart-phone’s performance a lot following are the apps that can really boost your Smartphones performance.

1. Smart ram booster:

This app will kill less imperative tasks & spare memory for principle errands; you might have discerned your phone getting a touch moderate or a bit sluggish after browsing a lot of web pages Smart ram will solve this problem to quite an extent.

2. Speed Boost Pro:

A complete all-rounder Speed Boost can be utilized for boosting internet swiftness and the overall pace of your Android phone.

3. Phone speed up:

This App augments your phone’s overall performance by just a visit to the Google play store & it can also enrich your battery performance.


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    • profile image

      Steve Daniel 2 years ago

      Robert you are awesome, your articles have many information and solutions. really knowledge base articles

    • profile image

      johnharrislite 2 years ago

      Very good and informative article . Robert I already know some of the things but your some advise like ram booster tip give my mobile new life .I have told many people about your article article they all appreciate your work.

    • profile image

      Danny Daniel 2 years ago

      Great and informative article,

      Robert, I have mine Galaxy s5 and I also installed so many apps for these mention in article tips apps. but I got bad.

      Your specific and tested apps and I found my phone with speedy and run faster than other bundles of apps.

      Thank Robert, I hope you will update it next time for further issues.

    • profile image

      davidjhon 2 years ago

      informative article, this article is solution of many problems which related with the android phones.

    • Robert1111 profile image

      Khakan Nabi Ahmad 2 years ago from Pakistan

      Thanks for appreciating, my motto is to help as many people as I can, I really feel happy when I help out someone.

    • theonlineventures profile image

      Jonathan Caquilgan 2 years ago from Philippines

      Good stuff! I've been having same problem with my Android. THanks for sharing!