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Glasshole: "Glass do this, Glass do that."

Updated on February 24, 2014

Meaning of the term glas hole in reference to Google glass

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Google Glass and its future

The advancing technology will make Google glass a pioneer in its field. Days ahead it will be interesting to see how the early adapters will use and promote the Google campaign. Loyal fans is what makes a strong and surviving business model for any company. Lets wait and see what the glassholes will do in future.

Don’t Be a “Glasshole” with your Google Glass

Here are a few guidelines for early smartglass users from Google: don’t be creepy and rude, and don’t attempt to read War and Peace cover to cover!

Google Glass makers have released good advice for people who now possess the technology and have the potential to be “glassholes.” Google primarily stressed the things that users should not do while they are wearing the smartglass technology.

In fact, “Glassholes” have received intense criticism. These are the early adopter of Google Glass technology whose use of smartglassess is socially inappropriate. They use it in situations where smartphones are out of limits. Some have tried filming other people without consent. Others stare into the distance for long stretches of time, which other people in their presence find rude.

Google stresses that the company is intent on making its first set of customers behaving more appropriately. If they are being rude and keep breaking the rules then the reputation of Glass will be ruined. The Glass experience is also in danger of being tarnished for other Explorers. At this time, Glass has already moved forward from the confines of Google employees to the early adopter programme.

Google has since compiled suggestions for Glass owners based on the user experience of the first batch of adopters. Google’s attempt at helping the Explorers in not breaking social conventions and rules can be a trifle funny.

Don’t transform yourself into a tech zombie

With Google Glass there is no need to glance at a mobile device for immediate information. Glass makes bits of text available just at the border of a person’s field of vision. However, people who stare into the prism for a significant length of time can look weird and even creepy to observers.

Google adds that it would be smarter to read War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy—all 1,225 pages of the e-book on a bigger device.

Use your common sense

Google is marketing the versatility of Glass for use in a wide range of situations. However, even though Explorers are encouraged to test the boundaries, Google advises users not to engage Glass technology in activities where they could end splat down on the floor.

Google highlights the inappropriateness of using Google Glass in cage-fighting, bull-riding, water-skiing and similar activities. Google says, “Use your common sense, people.” Google Glass is not specifically made to withstand extreme conditions. It is a high-tech device and that costs $1,500 (£900) per unit. But it is not made for use in high impact physical activities.

Glass should not get in the way of your first date

Not many people have seen smartglasses worn in public. People who see someone wearing Google Glass might stare, ask questions, and others might not take it too well if you’re staring directly into their face while the device is worn. If you are in a public place, you might as well take it off, especially if you’re on a date. Sitting down to a romantic dinner while wearing Glass is also outright rude, and who would want to have a date with you if you have a “recording device” pointed at them?

Don’t be creepy

There are Glass Explorers who have developed the nasty habit of recording the people around them. The camera function has been abused for sure. Google gently reminds Glass users to treat the camera function as you would a camera or smartphone cam. Ask for permission first before you take anyone’s photograph. So don’t be creepy, says Google. You won’t win new friend or the approval of your co-workers if you stand in one corner and stare at people. Besides, recording their every move is not going to make you popular or well-liked.


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