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Globe Telecom Hear Our Plea

Updated on October 7, 2013

Broadband Internet Service Provider

I subscribed to Globe for dsl internet last year. During this 11 months with them I have nothing but complaints for them. First it was my payments not being credited. Next was slow internet connection.

I subscribed for 3mbps. I know it is not really fast compared to US or other countries (I live in the Philippines) speed however here I can only afford to pay for that kind of speed because it is already costing me $ 60.00 a month.

I used to live in California and paid comcast for my internet, phone and cable for only $ 99 a month with an internet speed of 10mbps. So imagine my $ 60 bucks for internet and useless phone service is really expensive.

In the past 3 months I've called Globe's customer service for more than 20 times already complaining that my internet connection is only 0.47mbps, sometimes 0.97 if I am lucky and every time they will tell me to reset the modem. I've done this a million times! Then they will tell me they will send a technician who by the way is usually scheduled like 3 to 4 days away! The technician comes and does something and after about 10 minutes the speed is great. Then after a week or so it happens again.

I seriously don't know what to do. I can't unsubscribe because I have a contract with them for 2 years. They tell me if I discontinue they will charge me the rest of the subscription. Talk about customer satisfaction right?! They don't even offer refunds!!! I have to file a claim and it has to be approved then I get a refund. I have to note the time and date when my service was down or slow. Really?!

So hear I am with a plea. I've heard a lot of complains already from friends and people I don't know and I would like the word to reach the President of Globe. Is there really no way to even at least get a fraction of a refund? I have no choice but to stay with you guys but you are robbing me blind!

I am a virtual assistant imagine when I don't have my internet up and running my family will starve! No work no pay. So whoever gets to read this and knows somebody from Globe who can help I'd really appreciate it. Get the word out people. Join me in pursuing to get Globe Telecom's attention!


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