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Gmail Flashes with Redirect Loop; Won't Login

Updated on January 12, 2015

Can't Login to Gmail due to Redirect Loop

I created a new account in Gmail and the next thing I know, I can't login to my gmail account. Sometimes, I could get to the account login screen, but once I clicked the login button, my screen would go white, the tab would start blinking really fast, the URL would blink really fast, and the web address would alternate between two different addresses. Other tries to login would not even take me to the login screen before the blinking, flashing madness would start.

The good news is I fixed it. So if you are experiencing

  • Gmail Redirect Loop
  • Flashing blinking gmail
  • Can't log in to gmail
  • Gmail URL blinking and switching
  • Or similar white screen gmail madness

Keep reading.

Specs for the Gmail Flashing Madness

don't log in with in user name
trusted sites https://*

Before I give you my solution to my Gmail Login Flashing, Blinking Redirect madness, I'm going to explain the situation in more detail so you can see if it matches your situation.

  • I was running Windows 7 and Internet Explorer 11. All updates had been applied.
  • I had not made any changes to the settings on my computer nor my IE11.
  • I could log into other Google accounts such as YouTube, Blogger, Ad Sense and Google + with the same log in that was failing for Gmail.
  • I could not log into any of my Gmails accounts from my computer.
  • I could log into my Google Gmail Account from another computer on IE11 and from a mobile device.

Solutions to the Gmail Redirect Flashing Blinking Loop

I spent 6 hours over the course of two days trying to log into my Gmail Inbox and have it go berserk with a flashing URL and white screen. Hopefully my list of what I did and what seemed to work for other people will get you up and running in a lot less time.

So, last step first because I hope that is what fixed it:
1. I added https://* to my trusted sites. Tools (Gear icon) > Internet Options > Security Tab > Trusted Sites (check mark icon) > Sites

2. I logged in with just the account name and not

Now, just in case those two steps don't work, I also found and tried the following advice:

1. Clear the cashe. To be honest, I cleared everything, more than once. Tools (Gear icon) > Internet Options > General Tab > Delete... > select everything except the first box (Preserve Favorites website data)

2. Reset all defaults in IE11. Go to Tools (Gear icon) > Internet Options. Reset the Security defaults on the Security tab. Reset the Advanced Settings on the Advanced Tab.

NOTE: Be sure to close IE11 and reopen it to make sure your changes take effect.

3. If that still doesn't work, go back to that Advanced Tab and click the "Reset" button.

4. Remove add-ons. Go to Tools > Manage Add-ons. Disable all add-ons. If this works, you can go back in and enable them one at a time until you figure out which one caused the problem.

More Solutions to Stop Gmail From Blinking

5. Change your Cookie settings. Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced. Click the override box and set both columns to Accept.

6. Check your system date and time. Make sure they are accurate.

7. Update IE11 and Windows. Start Button > All Programs > Windows Update.

8. Turn off Google Labs

9. Turn Internet Explorer off and back on. Start Button > Control Panel > Programs > Turn Windows Features On or Off. Uncheck IE11. Reboot. Your system might be default to an older version of Internet Explorer. If it does, see if the old version will log in.

Turn Internet Explorer back on, repeat the steps above and reboot.

By now, I really hope you can log in to Gmail without a blinking white screen. If you still can't, put it down and come back tomorrow. Sometimes, a little time and space just fixes things. Whether it's a Google problem that they manage to resolve, or it's just a reboot your brain and energy. Tomorrow might be a better day.

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