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Gmail Mobile

Updated on March 13, 2011

Intoduction to Gmail Mobile

Gmail Mobile is the mobile version of Gmail Email. You can access your emails on the go with the help of Gmail Mobile. Gmail Mobile is the mobile adapted version of main Gmail website. You can read and compose your mails on a small screen of your mobile phone with the help of Gmail Mobile. You just need an Internet data plan and a web enabled mobile phone for this purpose.

Gmail Mobile Application

You can access your Gmail account online on your mobile phone at the address This service is free of cost and Google never charges anything to use this service. The Internet data plan charges may apply. You can access Inbox, Drafts, Spam, Sent Mail, Trash etc. and all the other folders that you have created under your account. Compose and send your emails using Gmail Contacts. There is also an option of Search within your emails. You may switch to basic HTML view of Gmail from Mobile view of Gmail at any time using the link option given at the bottom of mobile Gmail. Overall, Gmail Mobile is very easy to use. This application has an user friendly interface. You may not find any kind of difficulty while using Gmail for mobile phone. This is about Gmail Mobile application.

Features of Gmail Mobile

Below, we are going to discuss some of the features of Gmail Mobile.

  • Search: Enter keywords to find exact message you're looking for.
  • Conversation View: Replies are grouped in a single thread.
  • Stars and labels: Organize and indicate a note is special with stars and labels.
  • Floaty Bar: It stays with you no matter where you are.
  • Archive, mute, move: Tidy up your inbox with fewer clicks.
  • More Features: Keyboard shortcuts, offline access, spam filtering, address auto competing etc. are some more features offered by Gmail Mobile.

These are some of the features of Gmail Mobile.

Mobile Gmail

Gmail Mobile
Gmail Mobile

Gmail Mobile Software

There is also another way to access Gmail Mobile. The mobile software for Gmail is available. You can get this software to access your Gmail Emails with ease of use. This software is offered free of cost by Google. The address form where you can download the Gmail software for mobile is It is better to click the link that I have given from the web browser of your mobile phone. There you can Install Gmail Mobile Software. You would get an instant access to your email on the go with the free Gmail for mobile download. Carrier charges may apply. You can change the language by using option given at the end of that mobile page. This is the information about Gmail mobile software. The more information about supported phones and access is available at the bottom of this page.

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Gmail for Mobile


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      Paul Koski 6 years ago

      When I am composing or reading an email after it has been loaded is the time doing this an Internet charge?