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Use Your Gmail Sign in Username to Access Free Stuff

Updated on November 10, 2010

Your Gmail Sign in is Good For More Than Just Email

Gmail is one of the most awesome email services on the internet and a Gmail Sign in can give you a lot more than just pure and simple email.With a Gmail sign in, you can get access to all the top communication technologies that you can even dream of which includes awesome features like Gchat in which you can talk face to face in a video conference with someone anywhere in the world.

When it first came out, it changed the face of Email communication worldwide. Before Gmail was the era of Hotmail. This was the time when Email accounts were limited. They had cramped space and limited functionality. I remember a time when you had to constantly delete old messages from your inbox in order to make space for a new one.

This Inbox is Full (No More)

Do you remember a time when you sent a message to a friend who had not checked their email for weeks and you got a reply which said "This Inbox is Full" - Yup Kids, that is real. Most people can't even believe it but it used to happen.

Then Gmail came out, and I remember a friend of mine getting it and raving about it to me. When I logged onto the website, I was disappointed to find out that you could only get a Gmail Sign in account through invitation. This was because it was still in Beta. The promise of unlimited space was so appealing that I begged my friends to get me an invitation.

Well, I soon got one and never looked back. I was one of the first people to get a Gmail Sign in account.

Some Gmail Account Features

So i have already talked about the awesome Gchat feature that you can access from within your inbox but there are other features as well that you get access to with your Google Sign in Account.

  • Google Finance - Still catching up to Yahoo but has some awesome graphs and charting capabilities.
  • Google Docs - This, in my opinion, will be the new flagship product for Google in the future. Essentially, this replace MS Office for most people. Now you can do all your word processing, spreadsheet and presentation work online without having to pay anything for the software. You can also upload your MS office files and open them in your browser.
  • Images - Google Images are phenomenal and you can search for images that are a part of any website.
  • Google Maps - Google Maps and Google Earth outpaced Mapquest years ago. Now if you want directions, this is where you go pure and simple.

Of course like all businesses, not every one of Google's products have been successful. Some other notable mentions include Orkut and Google Buzz. But all in all, with just one Google Sign in account, you get a lot of stuff and that too, for free!


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      oladiran olashina 6 years ago

      the gmail is fantastic mode of comminication.