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Top 100 Educational Uses of Gmail

Updated on April 24, 2017

Gmail - Educational Uses

Gmail is free a Google account offering number of unique and exciting tools and applications. It is a great educational tool for students from lower classes to higher education. The most important Google applications that are associated with a Gmail account and can be used for education are Gmail, Google Web Search, YouTube, Blogger, Orkut, Google Earth, Blog Search, Google Maps, Picasa, G Talk, Google Docs, Google Books, Google Play, Google+, Google Translate, Google Scholar, Google Alerts, Google Images, Google Analytics, Google News, Google Calender, Google Chrome, Google Trends, Panoramio, and Google products on Mobile

The Gmail and other free Google tools have become necessary and unavoidable in the field of education. The TOP 100 EDUCATIONAL USES OF GMAIL lists most important Google educational applications available to a free Gmail account holder.

Gmail Logo
Gmail Logo

Educational Uses of Gmail

  1. E- mailing

  2. To send / receive educational documents/ reports

  3. To send / receive educational photos / pictures

  4. To send / receive educational audio / mp3

  5. To send / receive educational videos

  6. To use as a personal ID

  7. To save drafts / documents / images / pictures etc.

  8. To store data online

  9. As a log in ID in a number educational websites

  10. As a free file format converter

  11. As an Audio / MP3 Player

  12. To download lectures of renowned teachers and researchers

  13. To share seminar papers / project reports

  14. To get feedback from tutors and guides

  15. To share study materials

Educational Uses of YouTube

16. To watch educational videos

17. To share educational videos

18. To download educational videos

19. To publish own educational videos

20. To get response / feed back about uploaded educational videos

21. To participate in social service by uploading informative / educational / empowering videos

Educational Uses of Blogger /

22. To create own educational websites

23. To publish free content for students and public

24. To use free time creatively

25. To publish literary articles

26. To share Text / image / video with friends

27. As a personal window to the world.

28. For social service by giving advice / help tips etc

Educational Uses of Google Earth

29. To view and study areas subjected to widespread disasters / calamities

30. To get directions of street names, cities, and establishments.

31. To study about earth and its physiography

32. To learn about the weather of particular location

33. To learn about earth and its environmental degradation

34. As a hub of knowledge, pertaining the users location.

35.To get information about particular location

Educational Uses of Blog Search

36. To search blogs of different subjects for educational information.

Google Map

A markerNew York -
New York, NY, USA
get directions

Educational Uses of Google Maps

37. As guide for study tour and field trips

38. As an educational tool

39. To understand directions

40. To learn planning for development of a particular area

41. To locate places

42. For planning educational trips

43. To get a print / copy of maps

44. To create own maps

45.To study geography with maps

46. As a hub of knowledge, pertaining the users location.

Educational Uses of Picasa

47. To keep educational photos online

48. To edit educational photos

49. To share educational photos

Educational Uses of G Talk

50. For voice chat for educational purpose.

51. For video chat educational purpose.

Google Drive Tutorial

Educational Uses of Google Drive

52. To create online documents

53. To create online spread sheet

54. To create online presentations

55. To share online documents

56. To share online spread sheet

57. To share online presentations

Educational Uses of Google books

58. To download books in PDF / plain text / EPUB for educational purpose.

59. To take print of a large number of books free educational purpose.

60. To create personal library of educational books and magazines

61. To share personal library with others

62. For the advanced book search and other editions or related books

63. To find out quoted text

64. To save money by using E books

Google Products

Screen Shot
Screen Shot

Educational Uses of Google+

65. As a amazing and extremely useful social networking site

66. As a platform for communities and individuals to come together, collaborate, share ideas, and promote various projects.

Educational Uses of Google Translate

67. To view web pages in different languages

68. To Translate documents in different languages

69. To share a document in different languages

70. For a comparative study of languages

71. To learn translation of selected languages

72.To learn about the linguistic features of languages

73.To know the cultural traditions based on language

Educational Uses of Google scholar

74. To search scholarly articles educational needs.

Educational Uses of Google Alerts

75.To know and monitor a important developing news

76. For updated events in industry and commerce

77. For updated news about a celebrity or event

78. To get updated news on sports and other related events

79. To get updated information about education

Educational Uses of Google Images

80. To view images on web

81. To search images for educational use

Google Products

Screen Shot
Screen Shot

Educational Uses of Google News

82. To know and monitor a important developing news

83. To update events in industry and commerce

84. To updated news about a celebrity or event

85. To get updated news on sports and other related events

86. To get updated information about education

Educational Uses of Google Calender

87. To schedule programs

88. To organise activities

89. To share schedule of programs and activities

Educational Uses of Google Chrome

90. To web search articles, documents, reviews, information, news,images, videos etc

91. For fast, free web browsing with lightening speed.

Educational Uses of Orkut

92. To contact with old friends, alumni and relatives

93.To do collaborative projects and seminars

94. competitive exam preparation

Gmail Tutorial

Educational Uses of Panoramio

95. To upload photos from locations all around the world with the location of it on a Google map

96.To search for photos of a particular area

97. For easy geographical search functions.

Educational Uses of Google products on Mobile


98. As an educational tool to locate places.


99. To send SMS free.

Google Search

100. To web search articles, documents, reviews, information, news,images, videos etc

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