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Go Hard Core with the CASIO G'zone Commando Android Smartphone

Updated on April 26, 2011

If you tend to break cell phones the way you break bubble wrap it may be time for you to invest in the new military grade G'zone Commando smartphone from Android.

The Phone that is as Tough as a Turtle

The G'zone has a military spec shell that gives it an edge if what you plan for it includes extreme temperatures, nasty shocks and knocks, exceptionally humid or dry conditions, dirt, and other indignities.

Nerdy Woodsman Features on the G'zone Phone

Nerdy woodsmen know that thermometers and compasses are invaluable, geotrackers even more so, and that tidal graphs, sun and moon trackers, and GPS-assisted constellation viewers are essential for mental and physical well-being out of doors. Don't forget nerds need pedometers and training monitors if they are going to keep in shape, and we discover the Android G'zone Commando Smartphone is just what is needed.

G'zone Security Features

The Commando supports high security corporate email protocols to keep your industrial secrets ... well ... secret.

More G'zone Commando Features

There is more than just "tough stuff" on the G'zone phone:

There is a 5 megapixel camera;
Wi-Fi 802.11 /b/g/n connection
Stereo Bluetooth capability
... and more!

Get Your G'zone Commando from Verizon

You can by a G'zone phone from Verizon for about 200 dollars, if you sell your soul to them for a couple of years.


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