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Go Pro Camera Definition Review

Updated on May 3, 2013
Go Pro Gear
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Go Pro Camera Review

This little camera does big deeds, I just got the Go Pro Camera on Friday and is it cool, The Go Pro Hero Camera Review from a person who has one. I saw this on Amazon and there were not many GO Pro Camera reviews but I knew I would like the versatility of this finger camera. You look at the picture and see all these gadgets, well you can wear this camera on your head while your cycling, or running, yes running, the fast digital sequence of this mechanism inside will smooth out the picture and stabilize the jerks. The Go Pro Camera Review is one of the best camera's I have written on in a while.

The Go Pro Camera is the size of a pack of cigarettes and , can easily slip into any mounted hardware to wear or attach to your surfboard, bike, or motorcycle, how cool is that. The Go Pro Camera Review gives the thumbs up because of many attributes, it uses a 100 Mah 3.7 volt battery in the case itself, no triple a batteries needed,I shot over 50 minutes of film and the battery was still fully charged , the estimate is 2.5 hrs of charge by the manufacturer.The Camera charges by USB, so just hook it up to your laptop if your out in remote areas.

The storage capacity is 4.6GB of data, in a 4:3 ratio screen resolution 1280x960 video is what you will see in HD.You can go 1080p at 12 min. per GB, in that much you get quite a bit of coverage.Astonishing 60 Frames per Second, Most video camera's only do 29-30 FPS. This Go Pro Review is amazing for this camera, The price is meant to be low, at around 250.00USD which is still cheaper than any CCCS handheld movie digital camera , that goes for well over 2000.00USD. The Case this camera sits in will let you be waterproof down to 100ft, great for diving ,I bet,There are two buttons for control , which makes it easy on the sportsman,You can go into a 16:9 Ration mode at 30 frps, which is awesome , depending on what your use is.

I have heard of surfer's using this camera and the only gripe is that some of the water doplets'get into the scene, but not bad, I have seen some footage and no complaints here, It is excellent to use on your surfboard or head band for the wave action.

Go Pro by Hero recommends to use fast SDHC cards to save on the battery life, and a 32 GB card will give you about 5 and half hours of shooting.That is quite a bit for this type camera and at the cost.The bottom line to this camera is its sleek design and the recordings in High Definition, The GO Pro Camera Review would not be complete with out pointing you to the best place to get one, and that is in the ad above this article, so go get you Go Pro Video Camera, it will be the last one you will buy for about a year till something else new comes out, yet at the price I was not sure so I nabbed one up. The Go Pro Review gives this a 9.5 out of 10 and that'shigh ranking with a film photographer like myself. The above picture Illustrates what comes with the camera, there are other accessories.

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