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Help The Environment and Your Wallet

Updated on July 25, 2010
Using Recycled Printer Cartridges
Using Recycled Printer Cartridges
Environmentally-Friendly Lighting
Environmentally-Friendly Lighting
Cleaning or Recycling Used Oils
Cleaning or Recycling Used Oils

Our blogs have basically consisted of information about aqueous cleaning which we consider one of the ultimates in green technology. We are departing a little in this hub from environmentally-friendly cleaning to educate you on a few other things to do to improve your business' carbon footprint.

  • In the office – Check your purchase of items such as inkjet or laser cartridges for your office printers. Remanufactured cartridges can save 50% or more and work just as well. One company that prides itself on being the ultimate in green technology is Laser Cycle. Not only are their products recycled, but much of the packaging has been designed for reused. Visit them on the web at Laser Cycle.
  • In the warehouse – Replacing sodium vapor lighting with the new efficient florescent tubes can reduce maintenance cost, improve lighting, and reduce energy cost by up to 75%. One of the best sources for the new lights is from Westinghouse. You can see them on the web at Westinghouse Lighting Solutions.
  • In the plant – If your company uses large amounts of industrial oils (such as hydraulic fluids), these oils can be recycled or cleaned to function as efficiently as new fluids. One company that does this well is Allied Oil. Follow the link to see their oil services.

These are just a few of the items than can lower your operational costs and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time. Have some fun with going green. Have a contest and give a prize to the worker who finds energy and other waste at your company.

For all your "green" solutions for aqueous part washing, visit us on the web at KC Quality Systems.


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