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Gold, Silver, Platinum Tester Kits, Electronic Testing Machines, Acids: How to Test Precious Metals at Home

Updated on February 3, 2015

Gold is tested using nitric acid solutions or with machines. The gold testing machines are non-destructive to the tested gold. Silver and platinum can also be tested by these methods.

If you buy scrap gold or gold jewelry, or know someone that does, then these test kits make an excellent gift, or the perfect addition to your own gold and silver buying, selling, appraising, and trading needs!

Please note: due to testing acid being classified as a hazardous material in the US it cannot be shipped by air.

Gold testing machines include:

  • MIZAR ET18
  • MIZAR M-18-a9
  • iGem Premium
  • iGem DeLuxe
and others.

Gold (and Silver) Test Acids from Amazon

Gold (and Silver) Test Acids

Become your own assayer and always know the purity of the gold and silver products you are buying. Use this reliable means to test either before you buy from flea markets, auctions, second-hand stores, boot sales etc or test at home. 

These testing solutions come in small, easy to use, 0.5 fl oz (15ml) sturdy plastic bottles which maximize safety, are easy to transport, and allow the user easily to squeeze out one drop at a time. The acid changes color to indicate purity and these solutions will not damage the item you are testing. These test acid packs are must-haves for anyone investing in gold.

Purchase sets of single bottles of test acid (1 pc ea of 10k, 14k, 18k, 22k, and silver acids) or multiple bottles of 18k (also available in 10k and 14k) and 14k (also available in 10k and 18k) test acids.

Gold (and Silver) Test Acids with Testing Stones from Amazon

Gold (and Silver) Test Acids with Testing Stones

Check the purity of all gold you buy with these acid test kits with testing stones.

The process is simple: just scratch or rub your gold sample (e.g., jewelry, coin) onto the testing stone. A soft scratch will leave a sample residue you can test. Then apply a single drop of test acid to the sample residue, according to your estimate of the purity of the sample.

If the acid dissolves the metal it is less then the karat on the bottle. Try again with lower level acid.

If it dissolves the metal slowly, it is possible your sample is slightly less pure than was suspected.

If the sample remains unaltered, it is consistent with the purity of the test acid used.

Digital Scales, Test Acids (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and Testing Stone Sets from Amazon

Digital Scales, Test Acids (Gold, Silver, Platinum) and Testing Stone Sets

Used by professionals, hobbyists and treasure hunters alike, these materials are a reliable means of measuring the weight and evaluating the purity of your gold and silver!

They come with test acids (single karatage testing or multiple gold [10k, 14k, 18k, 22k], silver and in one case platinum) and scratch test stones.

The DigiWeigh digital scales (DW250BM, DW600BX), and other, offer a selection from these different pre-calibrated weighing modes: Grams, Ounces, Carats, Grains, Pennyweights, Troy Ounces. All use AAA batteries, which are supplied.

All the digital scales are durable, compact and pocket-sized for those requiring “on the move”, high precision, portable scale.

Mizar Gold Tester Machines from Amazon

Mizar Gold Tester Machines

These pocket-sized, battery operated, Mizar gold testing machines precisely determine gold karat values for all color gold alloys; assist in detecting platinum; and distinguish gold plate from gold, by a safe non-destructive testing method which exposes under-karatages.

The Mizar ET18 gold tester tests gold to be equal to or greater than 10k, 14k, and 18k.

The Mizar M-18-a9 gold tester tests gold to be equal to or greater than 9k, 10k, 12k, 14k, and 18k.

iGem Gold Testing and Measuring Kit

Ideal for gold parties, this iGem gold testing and measuring kit includes:

GXL-24 Pro Electronic Gold Tester - tests in the 6K to 24K range for all gold colors. It detects platinum and assists in detecting gold plating and reads 'platinum' and 'not gold', Simple to use by squeezing the special gel from the probe, selecting the color of gold to test, and obtain a reading in karats and percentage.

EK-600i Professional Gold Scale – perfect for weighing precious metals.

20x Jewelers Lighted Loupe – perfect for viewing diamonds, gems and jewelry.

Gold and Diamond Jewelry Evaluation and Testing Kits

The Gold and Diamond Jewelry Evaluation and Testing Kit includes: GXL-24 gold tester; and, Diamond Pro electronic combination diamond moissanite tester which distinguishes between diamond, any type of moissanite, and diamond simulants.

The Deluxe Gold and Diamond Jewelry Evaluation and Testing Kit includes: GXL-24 Gold Tester with a Switched 110-240V AC Adapter; Diamond Wizard Combination Diamond and Moissanite Tester; Ohaus SPJ-2001 Gold Scale; Premium GemOro Radiant View Illuminated 10x Magnifier Loupe; SC-10 Cleaning Solution Kit; and an extra 3-Pack of Testing Gel Refills.

For further diamond and gemstone testing items please see:

Diamond, Gemstone Tester: Test by Digital Reflectivity, Thermal Conductivity. Mizar, Presidium, iGem by Humagaia

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      8 years ago

      very helpful for purchanging the jewellery

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      8 years ago

      This is very informative hub. Also thanks for sharing.


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